May 16, 2012

Pretty (Simple) Project... and one not so simple

I got a little busy on Monday. I guess maybe it was because I had a great Mother's Day (weekend) where I was spoiled the whole time! It was very refreshing. We went out for breakfast on Saturday morning in order to avoid the Mother's Day crowd. It was delicious. My picky eater daughter has discovered that she likes scrambled eggs, at least when "I" make them. She doesn't like her fathers. hee hee! He kinda takes offense to it though. It turns out she likes the ones at the restaurant too.  Poor guy, he tries so hard, but he's a very good cook.

Then, breakfast was made for me on Sunday morning and I got my gifts. My hubby realized that the tiny tool pocket that he got me for Christmas was already too small, so he got me a REAL one. My hammer actually fits in this one. LOL! My hubby and daughter both got me some pretty spritzes from Bath & Body Works and some hand lotion. My daughter discovered B&BW at Christmas and fell in love with the place. After all that, he did some things I needed for a few projects and then he made dinner. He just winged it by trying to make some Cavatini (sp?) like the local Pizza Hut makes. He did a pretty good job with it and even Brooke ate it and liked it. The best part is, I won't have to cook for a one more night because there's plenty of left overs.

Right now you're probably asking yourself..."Ok, so where's the interesting stuff? Get on with it already!"

OK, OK...

Here is a tag I made with my Cricut. It turned out, but yet it didn't. I say that because it worked out exactly as I had planned, but the housing seemed to have such a jerky action that it showed in the jagged look of the design. I don't like it when it does that. It didn't do it on my test design. I need to work on that... Maybe I need to increase the pressure. But besides that, isn't it cute? I plan on using these to put on my craft show items. I have a good sized spool of that red/white Martha Stewart baker's twine. I LOVE that stuff!

Since I had the Cricut already fired up, I wanted to get a pretty label made for a glass pump dispenser I found at the local thrift store. I really liked the square shape of it, which made it easier to put a vinyl design on. I was so happy that I cut the design right on the first try!

soap, cricut project, kitchen decor, bath decor, bathroom project,

I used Lacy Labels for the frame and Splish Splash cartridge for the word "Soap" in the Cricut Design Studio program, which made it almost too easy to do.
I wanted to add a little charm and some twine just to dress up the neck of the bottle and give it a little shabbyness. The charm was from a set that I purchased at Walmart.

See? I told you it was a simple project. This is going in my craft show(s) later this year. 

Until next time...

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Tracy said...

Sounds like you had the perfect Mother's day. No cooking ;)
I love your soap dispenser. How can you sell some of your creations, they are so awesome.

Lisha @ 1house1couple said...

oh my gosh, that is such a cute tag!

And that soap dispenser is beautiful! :)


Recipes We Love said...

so cute and LOVe the rope

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