May 15, 2012

It's Been A Good Day

I don't know that I could have asked for a better day for yard sales than today...well, there's always room for improvement, but geesh, beggars can't be choosers,  know what I mean?

It's was a gorgeous day for starters. In the low 70's. The sun was shining so brightly, it just started me off in a good mood. I like those kind of days. Who wouldn't?

Then, there was going to be a neighborhood sale in the ritzy community on the next road over. I must have gotten there a tad too early, but that worked in my favor. There was a house that had stuff sitting out by the road with a sign that said FREE STUFF. YAY!! I was nearly peeing all over myself when I seen what was there. I wanted to be greedy and take it all, but I really didn't want it all. I don't know what I missed out on because there was a car just ahead of me that was stopped, but they couldn't have gotten anything huge, they had the 2 little boys out getting the stuff. I may have scared them off early - yay me! Oops! Was that mean? From what I understand, all is fair in love and curb shopping! You have to be street smart...get it? street. curb. 

Anyway, sorry about trying to be funny. I'm just still giddy. I pull up to these free goods and there are 2 sets of ice skates. One white, one black and they're leather. I decorate skates for Christmas and they're kind of popular in these here parts. I like working with the leather ones much better than the pleather (plastic "leather") kind.
ice skates

The other awesome thing that I got was this. It's over 5 ft. tall!
vintage sled

Of course, it's not in perfect condition including some pieces that had been replaced, but it's every bit decoration worthy. There was also an old wheelbarrow that had the metal front wheel and wooden handles. I wanted it really bad, but left it. There was an antique wooden high chair. I could have repainted it, but didn't want to mess with it either, so it stayed also along with gas powered weed eater and a golf bag wheeled cart.  The rest of those items were gone by the time I was done at the first sale. LOL

At the next sale I found this HUGE glass jar.
apothecary jars

And here is how much I paid for this bad boy!

I tried storing all my plastic and metal cookie cutters in it, but it still wasn't large enough and it didn't look very cute. Instead, I ended up putting most of those flat glass marbles in it up in my craft room.  (never mind the torn wallpaper in the background-this room needs a MAJOR overhaul...if I wait long enough, it will all fall down on it own!)

I really needed something big (and cute looking, of course) to put ALL of them in, and out of those stupid plastic store sacks that were sitting on the floor. It didn't make a dent with the stuff sitting on the floor, but baby steps are still steps. right? 

There are going to be a ton more sales on Saturday too. I don't know if I want to go to garage sales or flea markets...the hubby says it's my choice for the weekend, since it's Mother's Day on Sunday. I was thinking flea markets, but now I'm thinking maybe garage sales since the weather is supposed to be awesome again and I can save the indoor flea markets for a yucky day.

It's tough to be me... (smile)



Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Free is always good, but even better when you score awesome finds like these. Those skates will be perfect all decorated for the holidays. I get so excited when I have a good junkin' day too. It's what keeps us doing what we're doing.

Tracy said...

You always find the best stuff.
I have seen skates and old work boots altered here :)
Love your comment "if I wait long enough if will fall down on its own" lol.
Now thats my type of thinking, lol.

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