May 24, 2012

Out of Control!

I think that I have to admit that I have a problem with yard sales. Today was an all out free-for-all. I spent my limit for the entire weekend all in one day and then some. Not to mention that I was sent home with a lots of free picture frames - large ones! My living room looks like a yard sale exploded in it. I need to get it cleaned out before my hubby gets home. I already told him that I went overboard, and yet he's still willing to go pick up a set of end tables and a coffee table tonight.  Unfortunately, I missed out on the tables. I guess they weren't meant to be.

Are you ready for pictures? I always say this...but what you see still isn't everything that I lugged home, but this is the majority.

This is an old trunk that my friend found for me for $10 - the latch needs a little work. The trim pieces on top were free from a sale. Not sure if I want them, but he wanted to get rid of them really bad. He could have thrown them away just as easily as I can. LOL

This is a pretty Pfaltsgraf shelf that has just a few little dings at the bottom that can be easily fixed. I will paint this up and give it a new life. It has some great curves!

These are most of the free picture frames. The little sleigh was only 50 cents.

Check out that giant key that I got!
And then, this $1 silver plated dish was necessary in order to make one of these:
Is that not the coolest? Of course, these are much prettier than the one I found, but beggars ain't gonna be choosers.

So many goodies here for CHEAP! The blue bottles were 25 cents each, but the Noxema jar was $1. The stamp stickers were 25 cents and can you believe that those rubber stamps were only 50 cents! I have wanted that NOEL stamp for yeeeeeears.
Those pieces of plaid fabric are fabric samples and I thought they looked perfect for using for a lot of my Christmas crafts. I'm sorry about how poorly I take pictures of the things I find.

The Winter plate you see here is actually a cake plate with a snowman holding him. It's part of a set of dinnerware that my husband and daughter have been buying for me for a couple of years, but now it's discontinued. Alan seemed kinda happy that I found it, even though I don't use cake plates, but it would be darling with a winter display on it too.

I also came across this primitive style cabinet. It was when I went back to get this that I was given all the free picture frames. SOOOO worth the trip back!
I have such plans for this! It's not going in my home....maybe. I think I could maybe use it in my bathroom for extra storage though.

OK, enough over stimulation for one day. What kind of treasures have you found in your searches? I'd love to see too!



Tracy said...

Maybe it is all the stimulation you have shown me, but I agree that shelf does have some very nice curves, teehee.
Seriously you find the coolest treasures.

Sherry said...

I'm really luvin that old trunk along with those frames. Great really scored on this one!

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