Apr 14, 2013

Our Hand Made Rustic Bin

If you've been following along on my blog lately, then you may have noticed my latest trend of rustic/primitive projects. 

I like rustic decor and it seems to be a bit of a trend all over. That may be why I do fairly decent at my craft shows, for being a no-name crafter that is.

Sometimes I can get my hubby to show a little enthusiasm too. Especially if I can convince him that what I need him to do is simple. 

He helped me out a lot with the memo boards & chalkboards. So I showed him what I thought was a simple project, but proved to be a little more laborious than I anticipated, but he/we got'er done!

I was going to post the picture here of the inspiration piece, but I'm having problems getting it to post no matter how I try. 

So here's our black painted version, which has graphics added to it, where the other one was just plain dark blue.

primitive storage

Sorry about the poor photo quality, but it's been so gloomy & rainy all week, that I had to use my flash and I still couldn't get the photo editing program to help me create the money shot

But in these shots I wanted to show how it works great for Keurig coffee pod storage, boxed or not. 

Keurig storage
And this a close-up of the graphic I used, which is the same one I made for the wooden grain scoop I decorated too.

I put it in my craft show this past weekend, but it didn't sell. I sort of followed my hubby's advise on the price, but I think it was too high. Actually, he wanted it to be priced even higher, but I disagreed with that one for sure! I've done enough shows in our area to have a better idea of what the threshold is for people in our area. I'm not saying that no one would ever pay his asking price, but it's just gonna a take a while to find the right person, but I don't want to hang onto it that long. LOL!

It holds 3 boxes of pods nicely while giving you the top shelf available to easily grab one for use. I didn't have this in mind when I wanted the hubby to make it, but the idea just came to me while looking for someplace to take a decent photo & I was moving my son's coffee pod boxes out of the way.

It may not be the perfect solution for everyone, but it does work.

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Tracy said...

This is awesome.
I have no idea what I would store in there (as I hate coffee, lol) but probably something crafty ;)

Beth F. said...

That is super cute!

20 North Ora said...

Beth - That is a darling piece - can't believe it didn't sell. But, it looks like you found the perfect use for it!


must love junk said...

What a unique, cute piece! :)

Vicki said...

Beth, I love this idea! I am always looking to upcycle something. You have the greatest ideas.

Rachel O. said...

It's very lovely! I like it! I can't believe it didn't sell, either.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Great job! I'm sure it will sell at your next faire. Too cute.

Suzan Sweatman said...

What a great piece!
Isn't it amazing how this whole selling process goes?
The things I think will fly seem to hang around forever - the things I think will stay around for the " perfect " buy - end up sold in a day!

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