Mar 19, 2013

A Crackle Painted Rolling Pin

I told myself that I was done with this. That I was not going to do this crackle painting thing anymore. And yet, here I am doing even more. What is my problem?

Part of my problem is Pinterest and seeing all the people that are pinning my crackle painted projects with the stars on them. THAT'S what my problem is. Someone had pinned this little number I did last year.
Bread Box
And you know what they put in their comments? They said they would love to see what this design would look like on a rolling pin. Well, that was all I needed to get me going. So, you know I had to make a rolling pin in this design, don't you? 

Oh yes. I did.

Rolling Pin

I keep saying that I'm not doing crackle painting anymore. It's not really a good seller for me, but for some reason, it draws quite a bit of attention without creating a desire to buy it. It's kind of a nuisance to do, with little financial reward. LOL! Maybe I should try selling this stuff on Ebay. It seems to be a hot ticket on there, at least for now.

crackle painted kitchen
I still have several rolling pins sitting around waiting to have something done with them. Some are old, some not. I'm getting them done, slowly but surely.
I sort of have an interesting story with this one. Ok, maybe it's not all that interesting - to you guys.
Foley utensil
This rolling pin was my first choice to do the crackle paint & star design on. But then I noticed that stamped word "Foley" on the end. I didn't remember seeing it when I bought it. I'm sure it came from either a thrift store or a garage sale for no more than a couple of bucks.

I'm not a rolling pin expert (or any other kind of expert for that matter) so I did a little research on the name. It seems as though it was a well made rolling pin that was produced from the 1920's-1960's before going out of business. It must be a somewhat highly collectible piece because they go for pretty good money (for a rolling pin, that is) on Ebay & Etsy, not to mention the $10+ for shipping! It is quite a heavy rolling pin made from maple wood and the roller portion is larger than normal. It even has ball bearings in the pin mechanism. Mine doesn't even look like it's been used much!

So this little number isn't going to get anything done to it. It's just going to be sold as a vintage collectible, but not for the ridiculous price that they're going for online.

It's been a crazy couple of days around here lately. On a spur of the moment, we drove just over the state line into Michigan last night to look at a smaller enclosed trailer we found for sale. I have to say that unlike campers, those suckers hold their value. I don't understand. They're just an empty box with a couple of doors and a wood floor on 2 wheels. We got a better deal than the asking price and we put some cash down to hold it until we can go get it this weekend. It's going to store my 8 ft. tables and be used to haul my stuff around to the craft shows I do.  I was hoping for a smooth sided one, so I could do my Rustique & Chic logo on the side. However, it has lots of rows of rivets all along the sides. Oh well, I just have to work around that, I guess. 

Oh, and that was after I got up at 5 a.m. to help my 20 year old son make a New York Style cheesecake for a coworker that he lost a bet to ( was a girl he's kind of sweet on). Mind you, neither he nor I have ever made one of those before. I've eaten plenty, never made any. 

Chocolate strawberry cheesecake
The winner wanted chocolate covered strawberries on top. I have to say that Walmart carries some dipping stuff called Chocolate Lava, or something like that, and it is very good on the strawberries!! Oh my!

No, I didn't get any of the cheesecake, but the reviews were off the charts, I guess. He decided he wanted to make a Vanilla Wafer crumb crust instead of the standard graham cracker crust for his. I guess that got him some bonus points with the winner. ;) We used the crustless cheesecake recipe I found on Pinterest (is there anywhere else to look?) The crustless cheesecake recipe can be found on I plan on making one for us when I get a 10" spring form pan. My largest one is 9" and it ain't gonna cut it with this recipe. It definitely needs a 10" pan. I also have to wait until after Alan has his bi-annual blood work done. I'll give my take on how it good it is after that.

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Lynda said...

I have done a few crackle jobs myself....the cheese cake looks darling-how sweet to help your son!

Tracy said...

The rolling pin looks as great as the bread box :)
Now that cheese cake looks delish, yumm.
I had to laugh at waiting until Alan gets his blood work SIL who is diabetic does the same thing, lol

Tazas y Cuentos said...

You did a great job! That rolling pin is lovely!
Besos, Silvina

SheilaG @ Plum Doodles said...

The rolling pin looks great. I know what you mean about what sells as opposed to what gets reactions. I did a teal dresser that got a lot of positive reaction on my blog, but it was a bear to sell. The cheesecake looks wonderful. I used to make cheesecakes to sell- the kind that takes most of a day to make and bake and cool- this sounds much easier!

susan@avintagefarmwife said...

Cute projects! I am glad you didn't paint on the old rolling pin though. Someone will love it just as it is! Cheesecake looks good too!

Organized Island said...

I have not ever tried crackle paint but after seeing what you did with that rolling pin makes me want to try it. Thanks for the inspiration!

Marti said...

That cheesecake looks luscious!

Good to know about the crackle finishing not selling as well. I was considering doing a crackle finish on a table after seeing one on Houzz. But I haven't decided whether I want to keep the table or sell it when I'm done, so I might go with another finish on it. I do like it on the rolling pin too.

Carol Cook said...

I have never done crackling so I guess I will have to look back through your blog for ideas. And then I will just have to do it.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking to paint my bread box today, found yours and its wonderful. Funny thing is I have mine in the corner like yours, I also have the brick wall, scale and the masher ( or whatever that thingy is lol), and lots of crackle medium.

jesi k said...

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