Dec 22, 2012

Little Purse Card

I'm just tossing a quick post on here today. I know the kind of time crunch everyone is in right now, myself included! Ugh! But if I don't do this now, then it will not happen.

I will be going to go pick up my sister in just a little while. She's older than me, but she has Down's Syndrome so it's more like I'm the big sister and there are no other siblings.

After I pick up my sister, then we're all heading directly to my dad and step-mom's house for a little family get together. Not a big deal, we just get sandwiches and pizza for dinner. Her son and his family are going to be there and so is the husband and son of her dearly departed daughter. This will be the first time that we will all be together for Christmas time.

Another reason is that my step-niece is having a birthday tomorrow! I have not ever done anything special for any of my step-nieces. We have not had the chance to be very close since they live about 2 hours away. It's not far, but our parent's getting together happened after everyone has become adults, so we don't really feel like "mixed siblings", even though we all get along great. Since it's Christmas and it's my step-brother's oldest daughter's birthday, I wanted to do something for the younger girls too, but I doubt that they'll do anything for my daughter (& that's OK-not expecting anything), I didn't want it to be much so that they felt bad for not getting anything for Brooke. I had these little gifts sitting around for just this occasion, but so far none has come up... until now.

But for the birthday girl, I made this. (sorry, but the pictures always look much clearer on my camera screen than when I put them on here.)

I used some inexpensive jewels that I got at JoAnne's and an old acrylic stamp image that I got from Walmart years ago.
I cut the purse design with my Cricut from the Accent Essential cartridge. It was two images of the same design that were over-lapped and welded together in Design Studio. I also embossed it with a criss cross pattern, but you can't tell in these pictures.

I hope she likes it. I filled it with scratch off lottery tickets. She's turning 11 and I don't even know what she has, I just know she has better taste than me. LOL!

In case I DON'T get back on here before December 25th.



1 comment:

Tracy said...

This turned out beautifully. Love the colour combo as well.

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