Jul 3, 2012

Little Bit More Primitive Stuff

I've kinda been on a roll lately with working on craft projects for my 1st show in November. I'm pretty motivated, yet I'm really nervous this year because I'm not sharing 2 booth spaces with my friend this time. Instead, I'm getting my own TWO spaces, all to myself. I've grown accustomed to sharing a large stage area and it draws a huge crowd every year. But my friend makes so much stuff that she needed it all to herself. I wanted to be selfish and not give in to her request, but we both needed more space & she was actually there first, so it's really only fair to let her have it. I'm just really worried that people aren't going to notice MY space until after they've looked at & purchased from the her stage space first. My space will be directly in front of the stage, but I've had that spot before and believe me, I know how my stuff was ignored before. I've literally watched people have something from my booth in their hand, look up at the stage & put my piece back down on the table, then make a bee-line for the stage. A random few would come back to my booth, but most did not. I'm really striving to draw the people to my space this year - it would be great if they would look there first. (wink-wink) There's a whole lot more to this story, but I'll not get into all that.

This next project follows the same design as the Salt & Pepper shakers you can see HERE.

Here is what these looked like before.

And this is what I've done with them.
Primitive Decor
Sorry for the bad photos. I always pick the wrong time of day to take pictures and I wouldn't say I have the best camera either. If it sounds like I'm making excuses for my poor photography skills, I am. 

 So that's that! Just some more primitive type stuff if you fancy that look. I'm working on more, but slightly different looking. 

Stay tuned...

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1 comment:

Tracy said...

These look awesome.
Good luck to you on your craft fair. It seems you sell out most years, so I don't think you have anything to worry about :)

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