Aug 2, 2011

In the words of Charlie Sheen....


Okay, so I'm not that good about updating my sidebar of my blog and it's just filled with lots of outdated info & I haven't updated it with blogs that I check out just about every day that I can. Some are scrapbook sites and some are repurposing junk sites, but there is one site that I get some amazing junk repurposing inspiration from and that's Donna William's Blog called Funky Junk Interiors. Some day I'll get around to updating my side bar.

Funky Junk Interiors

Now, about that whole Charlie Sheen - "winner" thing . . . . . over at FJI, Donna was having one of a couple FOLK magazine subscription give aways. As it turns out, my comment post was selected by the Random number picker thingy for the first chance! ;^) It must have known my birthday was coming up this weekend and finally wanted to do something nice for my the occasion. {*snicker!*}

Donna is an amazing sign artist and puts those talents to good use, but she really shines when she starts digging through old wooden pallets & working with found junk. It's no wonder magazines are calling her up wanting her to write articles for them. Take for instance, a new up & coming magazine called FOLK. They're brand spanking new & their first edition will be out on Sept. 1. Donna was asked to be a contributor with her article called Junk Fix. She was and still is having a give away on her blog for a FREE (yes, you read that right - FREE!) 1, ONE, UNO, SINGLE whole year's subscription to this magazine!! Just check out THIS post to see how to enter.

FOLK - "We are a magazine that debuts Fall 2011. We are all about the country, sweet tea, indie music, antiques, roadtrips, small towns, comfortable homes, artists, locally grown and locally made, one-of-a-kind art, open spaces, photography, and the little things."

I know I'm excited for the first issue! It looks to be a down home kinda read!

On to other stuff . . . . Worked on a painting project yesterday and totally ruined it. It would have looked awesome too, but I was trying to do a stencil project and cut contact vinyl with my cricut and even though I was trying to be careful & use light coats, the paint still lifted the edges of the vinyl & bled - BAD! It looks like I'm sanding it down trying something else. I didn't want to have to use regular vinyl because of the cost, but when I try it the next time, I'm only doing one image instead of all of them. That way, if it doesn't work, I'm not fixing the whole thing again. The bad part about this happening is that is sort of takes the wind out of my sails and I get discouraged and don't want to do it anymore. This was a craft show project, and I have purchased other pieces to make as well, and when takes so much effort & then it doesn't turn out on the first one, the other stuff just ends up sitting around and all I can think about is how hard it was to make the first one & I'm not motivated to try it anymore.

CRAP!! OK, so I had additional stuff that I originally had on here (& saved!), but Blogger just eliminated it & it's your lucky day that I'm too lazy to try to remember what it all was & where corrections were made above. I've heard other blogger's complaints about having issues with Blogger eliminating posts and such, but I don't blog every day, so I never had those problems, until now!

And so with that, God Bless and have a great day!


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Tracy said...

I know how it feels to get dicouraged with a project that didn't work like you wanted.

I wonder if mac tac (it has adhesive on the one side) would work on your project.
You can pick up a large roll at the dollar store.
It works great in the cricut. You may have to stick it to fabric first so it isn't as sticky.

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