Aug 8, 2011

Finally got some goodies!! - long post

So Sat. was my 46th birthday. I decided that we should make a day trip to Indianapolis to help my son get more accustomed to the drive and the area. He's a real country bum'kin when it comes to driving. He's not one to venture very far from his comfort zone. He was NOT happy with me when I informed him at the last minute on Sat. Morning that HE was doing the driving. Oh yea....he tried all kinds of things to make us change our minds. Sorry dude, ain't gonna happen. For one, I know that he didn't want us to know his driving habits. He hadn't had much training with an adult before he got his license. Just with me. He used to do better then. Would you believe we almost had a collision with a police officer's vehicle along the highway before we ever left town???!!! Yes. would have made my most memorable birthday EVER if that would have happened. Don'tcha think? Thank the Lord above that it didn't. He did OK most of the trip, but breaking and acceleration left much to be desired. cough cough e'hem. We had some issues with directions & that would be my fault. I forgot to google directions before we left, so I was going by the blown up image of the city on the atlas. Not good. It didn't help that they were doing restoration on the Market Square Tower in the very center of downtown, so there was a detour around it & that threw me a curve. It wasn't as simple as it sounds, really. Between the one way streets and the street events going on, it was confusing. I didn't really have any trouble getting us back on the street I thought we needed to be on, but that proved to be a misjudgement. We should have got on a different street than the one we came into town on. I just love city driving too. However, we were able to get to the college in a round about way with no issues. It just didn't help my son get to know a reliable route to get there. He could take the interstate around the city, but 8 lanes of high speed traffic would totally freak him out. I let Alan take over at that point because I wanted to go to Archiver's scrapbook store. I haven't been there in a few years. YAY!!! Birthday's are good!

I seen so much cute stuff & wanted SOOO much of it, but I knew I had to be pretty good - birthday or not. Brooke came in with me to do her shopping. ;^) I'm not sure what happened, but somewhere along the line, she lost a $5 bill in the store. I counted her $$ in her wallet in the sticker section. I saw all of it & counted it. She did not get into her purse and I didn't take the money out of her wallet when I counted it. One was not folded in half either. We didn't take much longer after that until we were ready to check out. Just not really sure how only 1 of the 3 $5 came up missing. Anywho... This is what I managed to get my sticky fingers on!

 Sorry the photo is so bright on the upper left side, but if you can tell over there, the 3 pieces of cream/yellow/black floral papers are just a small sampling the new Authentique brand of paper in the "Blissful" line. Let me tell you, this is some excellent quality card stock! I wanted it all, but figured 3 pieces would be a fair start. It's not like I need another sheet of any paper ever again, but I've been on a dry run on new stuff for over a year now. I picked up some of the cute pink and black discontinued Heidi Swapp paper to try to finish up that graduation mini album I'm still working on. I'm getting low on papers to finish it. This paper has a little flap of cute little tags attached too. Nice.

Then, I got some simple papers from Graphic 45. I could have easily gone overboard on this stuff too (surprise) but only got what I could think of using up on specific projects right now. I picked up a few sheets of October Afternoon's Near Mint collection - again limiting myself to only 3 sheets - oh! the agony!!! I got 2 pieces of Bo Bunny Timepiece collection because I seen a page that I want to lift and they used this paper (front & back). Then, I got a couple pieces of Basic Grey striped paper that is also discontinued from the Curio line. It has that vintage Christmas feel to me and I had to have it. I did learn one thing at Archiver's . . . . discontinued doesn't necessarily mean discounted. Humph! Glad I only 4 sheets.

Then, the good stuff doesn't stop at paper, oh goodness no! I got me some of those really cool kraft glassine pockets from Tim Holtz. I wanted to buy one of everything in his section along with the stuff in the 7 Gypsies next to it! I only got one of his things and no 7G's. I did manage to pick up a little pkg of Making Memories garment pins though - stinkin cute! I drooled over all the pretty different flowers but picked out the mixed pkg of paper & crochet flowers by Prima and those too darn cute tiny daisies!! I peeing my pants when I seen them online when they were released. Of course, I had to pick up a bottle of Glimmer Mist in Copper. I hope I like it because it looks pretty orange to me, but not a color I have. Last, but not least was those cute pkgs of colored twine! I have been drooling for those for quite a long time now. They had more colors, but I limited myself to 4. I was kind of wanting a more baby blue one too, but they were probably out of that one. Maybe I can use the coupon when we go back down there for Jordan's college move in day on the 24th? ;^)

But, as exciting as it was for me to be able to go to Archivers, the real exciting present was my shiny new LAPTOP!!!! Finally! It was a better one than I had picked out at Christmas & now it was $50 cheaper, plus I had a $5 off birthday coupon from Best Buy! That baby was MINE!! My sweet hubby made sure we hunted hi & lo until we found a store in Indy that had one. I like that it's a shiny silver one that I can try to decorate up with vinyl using my Cricut and I can finally load the Cricut Design Studio and be a little more creative with my machine! Of course, those of you that may have been waiting for ProvoCraft to make the official release of their FREE online Design Studio, that will probably happen now that I can finally use my purchased version. LOL!

Well, I've had a chaotic day today and I think I've written a long enough post today & yet nothing inspirational for you all to see. I just don't want my blog sitting idle for too long. I lose what few readers I get when I do that. LOL!! I promise that there will be some scrappy stuff to show in the somewhat near future, just hang in there with me - K?

God Bless and have a great day!


Tracy said...

Happy Birthday !!!! :)

Hitting a cop car...that doesn't sound like it would have been good, lol.

Looks like you got some excellent goodies at Archivers :)
I wish we had one here.

Charity said...

Happy birthday Beth!
Looks like a bunch of fabulous goodies you picked up from archivers.
And good idea having Jordan drive down to Indy. He'll be grateful later when you're not looking. ;)

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