Nov 20, 2010


Well, I don't think my house will EVER be one of those that is totally organized, but we have put a gallant effort into it this weekend. Maybe I'm just sick & tired of the chaotic look around me, I don't know, but it is in desperate need of attention. And the funny part is that we're not even having Thanksgiving here! My sister is coming to stay with us, like she does every holiday, but she has Down's Syndrome & could care less how messy my house is - well to a certain degree anyway.

It started with not being able to sell Brooke's bedroom set. We had them all unloaded & moved out to the far garage for 3 garage sales earlier this fall. They didn't sell, so before loading them back into the house, we thought we'd give Craigslist a try. Well, we got a bogus offer that apparently in turn caused us to lose out on a legitimate sale because we put them on hold. So, after a 2nd no response listing on CL, we decided to bring them back into the house & Brooke can use them for the winter & we'll try our luck again next spring. With all the prep work necessary for getting those large pieces back into her room, it started a cleaning frenzy that must have bled into today. I decided that the good Lord has given me plenty of nice warm days to get the rest of my outdoor stuff put away that I really should not waste another not getting that done. There was a lot more to just putting things away, my new garden shed still had all the tools & wood left in it from the work that was done in the summer. Then, the purpose of the garden shed being built in the first place, was to get MY stuff out of the garage so that DH could open his truck door open a little further. Of course all that stuff HAD to come out of there tonight! It couldn't wait until tomorrow when it was a bit warmer. Don't get me wrong, it feels good to see that garden shed looking like what it was meant for instead of disheveled mess of tools, sawdust & debris all over the place. I really can't wait to get the finishing touches done to that too & start landscaping around it next year.

If you were to come into our home right now, you wouldn't think that we were on the organization trail, but it's still in progress as we're doing other rearranging. It always seems as though it's a series of events just to get to the ONE end result. And the sad thing is, you're wore out before you reach your final destination & give up before IT gets done. I sure hope we can stay on track to the end. My poor house deserves it.

On another topic, I went to one of my distant neighbor's house today as she was having a craft show in her house. I have met her once when she came to one of our garage sales last year. I've even bought a few things from some of her garage sales. Her house is very awesomely decorated outside! I just had to see what it looked like on the inside. UNIQUE! I would have to say that she has some very cool furniture pieces & the prices were fabulous! I would have to change the colors though since it seems like she's really into bright colors. I noticed a lot of hot pink, lime green & sunshine yellow around. I could have done much more damage than I did, but I still have that laptop in my head that I really want, so I'm trying to be good with my spending. I did get a triple folding shutter that has a chalkboard on the last shutter, that was only $10! I think it would be charming to display small signs or ornaments for my craft shows with a sign for the prices. I also picked up a tall, narrow, galvanized pail that she had painted red. I was going to paint it a different color, but I'm thinking now I may not & just add some type of Christmas design on it & leave it red.

Well, it's getting late & I'm getting a bit tired from all the work I did today. Alan has the house all nice & cozy with a fire going. That's probably what's putting me to sleep.

Have a good weekend & if I don't post before Thursday, have a Wonderful & safe Thanksgiving!

God Bless & have a great day!


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