Nov 1, 2010

November...already? (*sigh)

It just seems like yesterday we were getting ready for the beginning of school & now we're getting ready for the rush of the holiday season. Where does the time go anyway? It must be faster than the speed of light the older you get, I swear. I know now exactly what my parents meant when they would tell me as a child that I will wish back for the days when I thought time was dragging on, because it will just fly by the older you get.

Well, it was still October this past weekend & our community celebrated Trick-or-Treat night on Sat. instead of Sunday, which actually was the 31st. It was a great night for it although it was a bit breezy, Brooke didn't seem to mind at all. I dressed her up as a Witch, "which" she did not want to be at first. I told her the costume was not a scary witch, but a pretty witch & she was OK with that as long as I didn't paint her face green. LOL I promised her that I would not & had something very pretty in mind for her face instead.

This is her & her dad posing for me. I didn't dress up this year as I didn't feel like going to the trouble just for riding around in the van. DH was disappointed, but got over it & informed me that next year, I WILL be dressing up!

This is the best close-up I could get of Brooke's face with the stenciling work I did using my Cricut & some stamp ink with body shimmer. I thought the ink would be darker, so it didn't show up all that well, but she loved it.

I just love the look of her costume here with the sun at her back while she's running down someone's driveway. She was having a wonderful time & she brought home quite a load too! The surprising part was, even though the economy is hard this year & people aren't spending much money, she barely got any junk filler candy like the sweetarts, tootsie rolls, bubble gum pieces, instead, she had the Mother Load of candy bars & even a few full sized ones! Lucky for her dad & I, those were ones that she didn't like, but we DO! :-D

Here are the pumpkins we managed to get carved out on Friday night. Brooke did a great job on her first one & I have to say that the carving tools that come with the Pumpkin Master sets are great for a child her age. She could have finished the whole thing if her arm wasn't getting tired before she finished the mouth. DH's pumpkin is the IH symbol for International Harvester (his tractor) with a few lightening bolts, since it IS Halloween. Brooke wanted a pumpkin carved out of the cute little kitty face from one of the Pumpkin Master sets I have, but it was definitely too complicated for her, so I did that one & it was almost more than I could handle & did lose an eyelid above the left eye before it was all over with. LOL

This is one of the sights we seen walking around during TOT. He didn't appear to be with anyone, just walking around, which was pretty cool!

Well, I just wanted to get this posted before it was too late. Now I have to get going on making more stuff for my craft show these next 2 weekends. I don't want to reveal anything that I'm making just yet, as I don't want to create any competition for myself by having others recreating the same stuff for the same shows. We all copy others, myself included, but when you come up with something that is your own, you don't want to spoil it by having others show up with the same stuff as you. It's kinda like showing up at a party and having someone else wear the same designer gown as you (not that I'll ever know this, but it's the same idea).

I do plan to take photos of my booth this time, as long as I don't forget my camera again. I am sharing a booth with a friend, so not everything in the booth is mine. I might be on the ball, but I'm not THAT good! LOL!

God Bless & have a great day!

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Andrea Amu said...

Awesome Halloween pix! The one with the light behind her showing through the costume is so cool!
And how creative to make a stencil for her face... it looked really neat, Beth! Love the pumpkin carvings too!

Ohh, and good luck with your craft show preparations! I can't wait to see what all you create after it's done! Be sure to take pix!

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