Dec 19, 2008

Ice Storm Cometh!

Well, just as it had been predicted, but I was hoping they'd be wrong. The ice storm hit early this morning & now there's no preschool, which means there's no preschool Christmas party, which means I have plates & baggies of cookies that won't be going anywhere & Brooke was disappointed, at least at first. I will still have her give her teacher's the gifts we made, but I won't be trying to hold on to cookies for two weeks, nor do I plan on making anymore after Christmas, just for this. It might sound harsh, but I have been on a baking & candy making frenzy for over a week now & once Christmas is done, I'm done! It's not like they're getting nothing, they're just not getting cookies.

Below are pictures of the icy scene this morning. I wouldn't say we got the kind of ice that they got last week out East-whew!, but it only takes a little ice to create havoc for people. There are several places that are without power right now & DH seen a spot on his way in to work (yes, he still drives in this stuff!) that had a tree down mostly across the road & the power lines were broken & down, creating a fire in the tree. The road was closed, but my DH just HAD to see why the road was closed. You KNOW he did! Even though the temperature hasn't gotten above freezing yet, I heard a few rumbles of thunder & seen some lightening this morning. I also witnessed a branch falling off one of the trees under the weight of the ice in our woods. Pretty interesting to see ice shattering in what looks like mid-air!

This is my rooster windvane that got refurbished as a garden ornament. He's a bit icy this morning, but doesn't it look kinda cool with the little icicles dripping off it's tail & the arrow? Even the dead Hibiscus stalk looks a little more interesting with some icicles dripping from it's tip too!

This is one of the redbud trees in our front yard. Notice how the seed pods are all slanted sideways with ice hanging off them? Yes, I was holding the camera level.

This branch is only a couple of feet from touching the ground. It isn't normally! I typically have a clear view of that stunning satellite dish in the middle of the front yard & that big orange wire running up it is just an added bonus feature. *snort!*
My grandma & her husband were supposed to be coming up to celebrate Christmas with us this weekend, but I'm pretty sure they won't be making the hazardous trip now.
Good day to stay in bundled up by the fire drinking hot cocoa, don'tcha think? I do! ;)
God Bless & take care!
Beth M.


Kelly C. said...

My guys were so happy!
The ice was bad, but I think the heavy snow was just as bad here! So many of our cars were frozen up solid at work fun!
Enjoy all those cookies! (kinda sucks doesn't it!)

Fink said...

We were supposed to get it too but didn't, thank goodness! It sure does look like it was a messy situation for you all!

Vicki said...

Yuk! We got it too! But, your photos are so beautiful. Have a safe and happy holiday season, Beth!

rose said...

beautiful photos,but hate ice
keep warm!

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