Feb 3, 2015

Magically Change a Vintage Cabinet into a Car?

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 Ok, so maybe it's not so much of a magic trick as it sounds as it is having patience and determination. 

It took me some time to make this cute piece happen. 

You see, it all started with discovering this awesome bit of inspiration through Pinterest (you all know about Pinterest, right?) and this beauty can be found at Gadget Sponge.

Pretty friggin' awesome, am I right? I knew in an instant I had to find that kind of cabinet. That was step one. And I really did want to duplicate this bad boy as close as possible, but without the light thingy on top.

I knew there would be some subtle differences, but there ended up being so many more than I had originally wanted.

But you know what? I'm totally cool with how it turned out and I can really say I made it my own.

Chevy, Chevrolet, automobile, car furniture
Like the handle on the drawer. How cool that it looks like a vintage car door handle!  And since we're going with a car theme here, and not really wanting to go with a refrigerator logo as was on the inspiration piece, I wanted to find a vintage Chevrolet logo, but didn't want to go that expense. I thought I could find one for a couple bucks. I did not. BUT, I did find this Chevy fender skirt accent piece that just fit the spot I wanted it in. The price ended up being much more reasonable than the Chevrolet piece I thought I wanted. The more I kept talking to the guy who was selling it, the lower the price kept going, and I wasn't even asking him to go less.

Ohio, license, auto
I didn't realize how hard it would be to find the right sized basket for this space. This was the 2nd basket I bought. The first one was the style I wanted, but it was a bit too large, but I was going to try to make it work. Later I found this one, not buying it with intentions of using it for this, but in digging through my mountains of stash, I found it & it fit better. It also meant I needed a smaller license plate. I found a small red one at the same flea market where I bought this one, but it was $26 ~ eep! This one was $20 cheaper. I can settle.

Chrome finish, nightstand

Even though I adore distressed paint on furniture ~ I just adore it, I wanted to make mine shinier than the inspiration piece, with chrome looking trim. So, I spray painted it high gloss red & shiny chrome for that brand new car look. It probably took me 6-8 months to find all the pieces to make this one project complete, so it definitely wasn't *POOF!* ~magic.

That isn't one of the reasons why I keep doing this, but the results are.


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Cynthia said...

This is really cute. I noticed the handle immediately


Tracy said...

I love this!!!!
I also love that you shared your inspiration piece :)
Everything just is perfect on this piece.

Audrey said...

Great makeover ...beautiful.
Audrey Z.

Doreen said...

I'm in the process of painting a waterfall nightstand, and decided to take a break to see what others have done with theirs. I came across your magnificent makeover via Pinterest! Love, love, love it!

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