Sep 12, 2013

Fall Decor & More

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I'm slowly but surely trying to get back into the blogging swing of things. It's an easy habit to let slide when you haven't done it months, but I'm working on it.

It's been in the high 90's for temperatures around here lately, but with it being mid-September and all, we have to start thinking about Fall. My yard is trying to prepare me by already requiring a raking of the leaves. Since we live in a clearing in the middle of the woods, this is an all season endeavor until the yard is then covered in a blanket of white (if we're lucky).

Since I have started selling my re-designed items out of my home now, I have to try to be prepared for all the seasons & more holidays than before when all I did was just 3 Christmas time craft shows. 

This isn't my first fall project this year. I've started quite a few, and moving along at what feels like a snails pace, I'm getting them done, one by one.

If you want to see what is listed so far, you can click on my Rustique & Chic Facebook link located in my sidebar at the right. Once there, everything is sorted into Albums. If you like what you see & want to be kept updated on any new listings, be sure to click the "Like" button. 95% of my items are one of a kind and don't have multiples of.

If you look at the upper left-hand corner of the photo at the beginning of this post, you'll see a hint of a wreath I made that's listed on my selling page.

Sorry about the shameless plug for my "shop", now to get back to the subject.

Sorry about the poor photo quality...
I found the nice foam pumpkin at a sale & it already had a small bouquet of yellow carnation-like flowers in it. I added the sunflowers, cat tails, spikes, orange pip sprays, leaves & some different little pom-pom looking things to make it look fuller & more proportional.

It still looked kind of plain & uninteresting to me, so I added the quote on the front with a matte finish brown vinyl. The grooves in the pumpkin made applying the vinyl a bit, shall we say....interesting?

The font I used was Exmouth, except for the "B", which is Edwardian Script. I wanted something that was more elegant looking, since I had Thanksgiving in mind when I started this project.

If you're lucky, more posts with Fall & Halloween themed projects will be following soon!

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Suzan Sweatman said...

How beautiful!!!
I wrote on my pumpkins in my preblogging days - but NOTHING this elegant!!!
Really - just beautiful!
Have a wonderful wknd

Art and Sand said...

Love the quote on the pumpkin. I might just use that idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

Cynthia said...

What a great job you did! The writing is so elegant and love the arrangement. Pop over to say hi at Cloches and Lavender. Good news and new things on the way, please follow along!!


Tracy said...

This is beautiful.
I love the script you used for the sentiment and the arrangement.
I was going to make something similar, but these foam pumpkins here, are a crazy price.

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