Apr 5, 2013

Reduse, ReUse, Recycle

I think more & more people are making the conscious decision these days to try to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as they can.

I also think a lot of it has played over into the crafting world with lots of help from Pinterest. There's that name again...it's a good site to go to for ideas, if you actually use what you see on there and IF they work out.

I seen the idea to make plant markers on Pinterest via In My Own Style blog, but that blogger used a marker. However, she had much prettier hand writing than I have, so she could get away with that & it looked nicer than I could do by hand. She also gave them a bit of a Wow Factor when she blinged it up with jewels! Pretty!

Recycled Garden Markers

I, on the other hand, wanted something with a little bit of a Wow factor also, but without the jewels. The squirrels or coons would probably take off with them, so I needed something that still gave me that factor without the "wasted" work to make it pretty.  I'm not always successful in achieving that, but I try. (disclaimer) If I didn't have critter problems, there would definitely be jewels on mine too!

I also wanted to use another object that so many people are wanting to throw away these days because they're kind of worthless after a short while.

Garden Markers
I present to you the vintage cardboard tube & wire hanger. Please ignore my awful 1970's kitchen cabinets that desperately need refinished.

Once you remove the cardboard tube at the bottom of the hanger, you're left with the perfect end to use as a hanger. 


Just snip each side off below the curved hanger portion at the top. If you want, you can take a pair of pliers and crimp the curved tip closed once you've added your labeled lid.

Then you need the metal discs to create your label. I use crescent rolls or this.
Plant Markers
On a side note, I love these Seamless Crescent Roll sheets for making the raw veggie pizzas and Sopapilla desserts. I have to purchase them from our local Kroger grocery stores because Walmart doesn't carry this variety here.

Once you get your metal disc removed from the cans, one end will have some print on it that can be removed with nail polish remover, then you need to wash all of them with warm soapy water to get the dough residue off.

Crescent Cans
I used yellow and green outdoor vinyl to cut out my designs with my Cricut. I don't remember what cartridge I used for the design, but I used the Botanicals cartridge for the font.

I don't have these herbs planted yet because it's just too cold right now, but I want to give them a try this year! So all I got is some daffodils and Hyacinths popping up.

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Terry Moore said...

Crazy good creative!

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