Feb 5, 2013

To Post or NOT To Post

THAT is the question.

I tend to start quite a few of my posts with a bit of mystery in hopes of catching your attention and drawing you in. I'm not sure it's working for me, but it's how I do some things - in a cloud of secrecy.

Secrecy. Kind of like the projects I make. I could post all kinds of projects that I work on here on my blog. Trust me, it PAINS me not to. I'm a Leo, so I love attention. But I have run into a bit of a problem with the wonderful world of the web. I find that it's a double edged sword. While it can be an amazing place for inspiration, and don't think for one minute I don't get a ton of my own inspiration from it, it's also a place where millions of others get theirs and perhaps, even from YOU. I guess if I was making a living from my blog and thousands of followers were hanging onto every word I wrote, and every project I did while getting compensated from companies just for making those projects, it might be quite different. But I don't make a living from my blog. It's been a year since I signed up for AdSense and it will most likely be another 4 years before I see my first check from them. 

So, where I make my money in the meantime, is from selling my projects that I make at local craft shows, and to family & friends. Since the world of Pinterest has taken off like a bat outta....well, you know (LOVE Pinterest, by the way) it's anybody's game. I don't mind others getting inspiration from what I made. In fact, I find it VERY flattering & rewarding! But when I'm selling MY idea at a craft show only to discover someone else at that same show is selling my idea too, I question my decision for posting it too soon. Especially after they tell me they found the idea on someone's blog or Pinterest. E'hem. yeah. 

I actually had that happen one year, even before Pinterest was a ".com" in someone's eye. I guess I never had the forethought that something like that could happen, especially at a small town craft show. Know what? It does.

I guess the point I'm trying to make here is that I struggle with deciding if I should post my projects on here for fear of losing sales to others that might be beating me at my own game because of factors I may or may not be able to control. I know it can draw traffic to my blog and it does to a certain extent, so don't think I will ever, ever, ever stop posting stuff I make on here. Eventually I do put them on here.  It just might be out of season, you know, when no one else cares about Christmas stuff in July. LOL-jk, but I had done that last year if you check out this post.

IF I was really motivated, I would make something to show and something to sell at the same time so that I'm happy both ways. Nah, I don't see that happening either. LOL! 

So as not to make this a totally boring text-only post today, I've decided TO POST this project.  I mean, if you've stuck with me this long, y'all deserve something for your endurance!

I think this green bucket would be pretty sitting on a spring porch with a huge bouquet of white daisies in it or pink gerbera ones, don't you think? 

It's probably been about a year ago that I purchased this bucket thinking I was going to do something amazing with it. Instead, it just took up space this whole time in my dining room. Well, I did paint the plain wooden handle and the inside of the bucket (including the rolled edge) black, as it was all green.

I had good intentions on cutting something out in vinyl for the front with my Cricut, but I couldn't seem to find a design to fit the look I was going for in all those cartridges I own (75+?). Well guess what? My sweetheart of a son bought me a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas! It also came with the Design Studio software that is usually extra. I whole heartedly recommend making that purchase if you want to try doing any of your own design work or even just making changes to existing designs & no, I'm not getting paid to make that recommendation either. I just took a couple of the designs from the massive Silhouette online catalog and combined some of the elements together to create this one and added Welcome. I'm still learning on how to make words curve correctly on tapered curved surfaces. There's a knack to it that I haven't quite mastered just yet, but I'll get there

So thanks for sticking it out through more of my babbling and such a small amount of inspiration.

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Nina @ Atir Inspired Decor~AID said...

I too have the same thoughts about posting some projects but I do it anyway, because I decided to blog for myself & my own enjoyment. Should I make money along the way then it is a bonus for me. Also, I have seen other bloggers out there selling their creations/items right on their own blog, hmmm food for thought...
Thanks for sharing. I found your blog via PJH Designs I am your newest follower & I hope you will do the same & follow AID too! Thanks

Donna Wilkes said...

I have been copied and copied long before I ever blogged - even before computers! Once I made about 200 macrame' candy canes for a Christmas craft show. The ladies next to me bought several on the first day. On the second day guess what they were selling? Right next to me! I have a booth at an antique mall where I do sell some of my handmade tags and torn ribbons. Most compliments involve loving them so much they had to make some themselves. I enjoyed your blog.

Oh, yeah, and the bucket is cute, too!

Marti said...

I understand what you mean totally. Even though I come with very few original ideas (or at least I post very few original ideas) I have thought the same thing. Years ago, before many people were even on the web, I used to do craft shows. Back then, people openly photographed booths and several people even asked if they could lay out my items to take better pictures. While flattering, I knew they only wanted to copy them. If you are trying to make a living with your ideas, I'm all for keeping the construction a secret until they are as common on etsy as ruffles on t-shirts.

Dee @ A Lapin Life said...

I feel your pain. It happens to all of us from time to time. Good ideas sometimes need to be shared. That's why I blog too :)
Happy Crafting!

Tracy said...

Your bucket is so pretty as with all of your creations.
I blog for my own enjoyment, I don't make a penny on either my blog or YouTube channel..I want it to be fun not a business (but never say never)
I have been copied...but I have also copied...isn't that why we share?
I have come up with a real cool idea or series only to find out someone beat me to it...not because they copied, but because they had the same idea at the same time as I did.
Not just that..I don't think there is an original idea...just a different take on one.
But then again that is my two cents worth.
If I do get inspiration from someone I always credit them...even if it is on pinterest, as most pins on there are from someones blog.
I do like to get credit or a thank you if someone does get an idea or inspired from something I do....is it because I'm a Leo as well, lol.

Peggy~PJH Designs said...

HI Beth, I totally understand where you are coming from. I had a lady today say she was going to repaint her secretary just like the one I had just posted on FB. lol I'm not trying to make a living at what a do. It is a hobby but years ago when I and everyone else in the world were making purses I would do craft shows and they would literally tear them apart when I wasn't looking to see how I put them together! Anyway, I don't mind people copying my furniture since I'm not trying to make a living at it. You know there are very few things out there that you can do that is not already being done. I was just think that the other day. Then, if it really is selling great and you get a patent, China comes in and copies it for super cheap. lol I'm so glad you joined us at Transformed Tuesday. I love your Spring bucket so cute. Hugs, Peggy

Anonymous said...

I appreciate you keeping it real - happy crafting!

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth, Thank you for stopping by my blog color it simple. I thought I would pp over here and check out your blog. Love your creative style.....You really do nice work. I have joined your linky friends as well as GFC followers. If you want I invite you to join both of mine as well. I love your little green bucket creation.....perrrrrrfect!!!


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