Nov 13, 2012

Craft Show #1 - Done

I had my first craft show of this year on Nov 3 and I can't decide if it was a success or a failure. The show was busy the entire time, so that part was very good, considering it was in a very tiny town.

I apparently was not all together that day because I forgot to take my camera for pictures of my booth. I know, my bad. I hate when I forget stuff like that and it happens more these days. Blaming it on the aging process.

The part that makes the show a success for me was that I made pretty decent money. Not nearly as much as what I was working my butt off for, or even as much as last year (with less stuff), but still good (I really shouldn't even complain). The part that was terribly disappointing was that I only sold 39 items and about a 1/3 of that was small things that I didn't even make, like placemats and table  runners. I had purchased TWO spaces this year for all the stuff I was making and bringing, and yet I packed practically every bit of it up and brought it back home. As for the furniture, I only sold one chair first thing in the morning. People LOVED the stuff, but must have thought they were at a garage sale...did they feel the prices were too high? I've seen higher prices on Craigslist for scratched up junk... I know a craft show isn't where people go to get furniture, so honestly, it wasn't really a let down in that dept.

My husband tells me I need to forget that venue and move on to someplace that has bigger spenders. LOL! The problem with those shows is that everyone else wants in those shows too and they're booked up early with long waiting lists of other vendors. Besides, I can't even get return phone responses from the administrators in the first place.

Oh well, enough of my whining, crying, snortin' and ballin'. I know there were people at that same show that didn't even make their booth rent. Now THAT'S a heartbreaking day! I guess this buttercup better buck up!

I thought for sure this black & burlap lamp would sell at the show(s), even though it was admired by many, it didn't sell. It wasn't until I posted it on my Facebook page that it finally went bye-bye. I painted it black, even though it looks kind of blue-ish here. It was sanded to distress it and I found a lampshade that I recovered in a printed burlap. I added some coordinating black trim to it to finish it off.

I did sell this birdhouse. I didn't make the birdhouse, but did add it to the wooden candlestick and bottom base that I painted to match closely.

I will admit that I pretty much copied this shutter idea from one that someone else sold on Ebay and mine did sell too. I liked it enough that I was tempted to keep it.

This is a picture frame that I removed the back off of & painted just the frame red and made the quote with red vinyl. I'm learning that I don't have any luck selling these kinds of items, so I guess I need to figure out how to use them with other projects so they don't go to waste.

Little side story here...At the show, I over heard a gentleman commenting to his wife that the "shabby" look is out while browsing my booth. Hmmm...I didn't really think of my stuff as shabby, but more like rustique & chic. I also thought it was rude of him to say that in such a loud voice.  I guess he was more right than I was since I didn't sell much of it. I'm obviously reading the wrong blogs. ????

My hubby has been trying to convince me that we should put up a little building and make it into a shop for me to sell out of here at our home. I have to admit that I'm not sure about how well it would go over, but I did have dozens of people ask me if I had a shop. The idea is that the money being spent is going back into our property as an investment and not someone else's pocket for rent. The back up plan is that we make this shop from a garage plan, but cuten it up (I made that word up - cuten) but if it's an epic fail, then we can convert it into an actual garage for the multitude of vehicles and equipment we seem to have. Still getting all the necessities for zoning & permit info, etc.

Enough of the boring stuff - now here's a few more items.
Painted Vintage Rolling Pin

Pinterest inspired Stocking decor (a smaller version because I'm basically lazy)

Another Pinterest inspired project - painted snowman shutter. It looks better if you take a picture looking down upon it instead of dead-on, like this one, but it's still kinda cute.

Two more shows to go and not sure what to expect at the next one, because it's a new venue for me and I've never even had the opportunity to visit it before now. I'm excited that I was able to get in this year, since they're typically booked with a waiting list! Wish me luck! 

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Cynthia said...

Congrats on your first craft show, I think that fantastic in itself.


Homeworks UK said...

Don't give up on the craft shows - I live in a very small town in the UK and have the same problem with furniture but have found it's worth taking a couple of pieces and then a portfolio of photos of other pieces which I've done and sold - I'm starting to get more enquiries now. Problem with shows in small towns is no big-spenders so you just have to try to work out a max price they'll pay and make things to match - which sounds easy but isn't, I'm still figuring it out 2 years down the line!
Keep going!

Tracy said...

Your projects are adorable.
As for shabby...I would say the majority of your projects are more rustic, which I love :)

SweetPepperRose said...

Hi! Your crafts are really nice looking. I would have bought the birdhouse too - I collect them!! Love it and might try to "copy cat" you on it ;-) The black lamp is nice so I would think the right person will come along at your next show and say 'I need that lamp' I've had the same thoughts about doing shows but haven't, so at least you had the courage to do it! Congrats.

Vintage Street Designs said...

You have some really cute decor!!! LOVE the stockings and I'm always a sucker for snowmen! The snowman painted on the shutter is adorable. You did a fabulous job! Now following ~ Judy :)

Anonymous said...

Cool stockings!!!

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