Mar 26, 2012

Flea Market Treasures!

Let's see...this past Saturday was going to be a fun morning for us - at least that was the plan. Alan knew he was going to have to work part of the day, but he had plans in the morning to take in a load of scrap metal in a town that is 45 minutes away from us. Then, we were going to hit a flea market just down the road from the metal recyclers and be home in time for him to get to the job he needed to go to.

Well, I think that when people speak of "Murphy's Law", they should realize that Murphy must be a pretty close relative of mine and I must have been on his mind heavily on Saturday. 

It started out that Alan's truck was having some problems staying running while on the way to the metal place. He thought he fixed the problem, but obviously that was NOT it. We made it there, only to find out that Alan required some special paperwork in order to turn in his scrap - even though he is a plumbing contractor and showed them his license. So, as not to be making a totally wasted trip, we limped the truck to another recycling place in the next town and they were totally fine with everything. We totally understand why these places want to try to be sure we're not turning in stolen stuff, but the one was just totally crazy. 

Even though my hubby should have been heading back home so he could go to his job, we limped the truck BACK to the other town again to go to the flea market. I mean, that was the ONLY reason I got our 8 yr. old daughter out of bed at 6:30 a.m. on a Sat.! We sure weren't excited about just waiting in a truck waiting for a load of dirty metal to get unloaded, that's for sure. LOL! The payment was nice, but we weren't spending it that day anyway.

We tried to whip through the place as quick as we could without 
missing too much, but that was impossible.  

After all that, I started feeling under the weather after we got home and part of Sunday morning too. Kind of flu-like, just like Alan had been just a few days earlier. Ick.

But I was happy to get what I got and hope to go back very soon and get a few more things that I spotted. I took pictures of the things I wanted with my phone, just so I don't forget what they were. 

Vintage blue fan
Look at this darling little teal blue fan I found! It's kind of grungy and maybe with some degreaser, it will come clean. I love the color of it & the rust on it though. I thought $9 was a fair price. I've seen a larger one at the local Habitat store for $75!! Ouch! I realize it's for a good cause, but really? I think they've forgotten that they're not antique dealers.

I'm sorry that picture isn't the best, but it was still pretty gloomy this morning when I was trying to get the picture and I'm just too lazy to go back and get a better one.

Then I found these bread pans for 50 cents a piece. Now I need to find the idea I seen that used them.
grain sacks
And the best part was that I found these vintage grain sacks for $5 each (well, one was $6)! I like that they're not burlap. Don't get me wrong. I love burlap ones, but I can find those easy enough and at reasonable prices. But these I tell ya, they are like fabric gold! There were more available, but I was limited on funds and didn't want to go too crazy. I hope these clean up good, but they're not in bad shape at all and they have great colors! I thought it was cool that the red/blue one has my home state on it!

So in the end, it was a pretty good day, we made some killer money at the scrap yard and we was able to make it home with very little problems with the truck! go figure... :^/


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thistlewoodfarm said...

So glad that it all worked out and your grain sacks look incredible! I can't believe they were only $5.00! Awesome.


Tracy said...

I want to go antiquing with you :) You always find some cool things.
Sorry you were under the weather.

savvycityfarmer said...

grains sacks make me giddy

thanks for linking!!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Love all your finds and the fan is so charming. I have noticed our local Goodwill's and Salvation Army's and other similar places are putting high dollar prices on their furniture pieces and some smalls too. What's with that?

Leslie's Garden said...

I don't know how I missed this post! I love the fan, I think I remember us having one just like it when I was a child, only no color. What are you going to do with the grain sacks? Can't wait to see!

Tam said...

I like the vintage grain sacks!

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