Feb 1, 2012

It's The Little Things

**(Just in case you're wondering....I'm still doing a little more work on my blog and that's why I have 2 Menu bars that say strange things. I'm trying to figure them out all by myself and I'm slowly, but surely getting there - be patient & bare with me.)

We've surely all heard the saying that it's the little things that means the most. Today's project was surely that. My sweet and very loving hubby is an extremely handy and talented craftsman. One of the best there is! If I can tell you a little secret.... it's that he's not the best at finishing a project and it's the littlest details that are left undone for one reason or another. Drives me CRAAAAZY!!! (cuz I have no flaws, ya know)

I'm so envious of all you bloggers out there reorganizing, decluttering and doing amazing projects while I sit here doing nothing (kinda).

But today was a new day. Here's MY little thing today. The curtainless Master Bedroom window.

 **although, with a view like this, one has to ask one's self, does one really need a curtain?- this was taken in Jan 31, 2011, we have no snow on the same date this year.**

The ugly traverse rod that hangs over the window, that you can't see in the photo above...
Why yes, that IS sculptured shag carpet in my living room. Don't judge me, it's better than the laundry room carpet. Don't believe me? Just look here. Oh yeah, baby!

When thinking about that traverse rod still left hanging above the window, feeling bare & lonely, except for the dust and cobwebs making babies on it. I was thinking about going out and buying a new rod. However, after further observance of the ugly curtain rod, I realized that I have a very nice rod hanging right there already! Maybe it just needs a new coat of paint, instead of the vintage brass with the haze of dust so thick you could weave it into yarn & make a scarf out of it (the dust was on the other side that isn't showing in the photo). hmmmm.....let's see what color of spray paint I have on hand. Surely I have something from the vast array of every color in the rainbow that's in my overflowing collection of spray paints.

After all the searching, I opted for your basic Rustoleum flat brown in hopes to show off the curtains and the rod holders that are a creamy white. I may still rub some glaze or a stain to give them a distressed look, both on the rod and the holders.

Needless to say, when my hubby got home and spotted the newly painted rod and noticed that I ripped out the gross pull string and all the drapery hook holders that were still laying on the floor, his curiosity was peaked. He didn't seem thrilled, but that's beside the point. So he decides he's going to help me put the rod holders up, ya know, cuz I can clean out a traverse rod in 2.2, but I'm not capable of putting a screw or two in a wall.(wink-wink) He is chivalrous, sometimes in a grumpy sort of way. (still winking)

Here it is, all done. It took way longer to iron the fold wrinkles out of the curtains than it did to do everything else all together. It's been so long since I bought these, I forgot what they looked like. 

**notice there is no snow outside the window.**

Maybe my next "little" project might be doing the curtains in the living room. Cuz I've already had those new curtains (sheers) since our daughter was a baby.......she's 8 now.  Ahh yes, the little things....

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Tracy said...

I agree the view is gorgeous with that beautiful snow.
I think you picked the perfect colour. Looks like a brand new rod.
I noticed on our drive over the border...no snow!!

Its So Very Cheri said...

I wanted to let you know I just signed up to follow you and would really appreciate it if you would come over and follow my new LINKY FOLLOWER tool.



Darcie (My Modern Country) said...

Wow-what a beautiful view! Your project turned out great-love it! And I have to say, your husband sounds a lot like mine..LOL!

Beth said...

Thanks Darci! We do have a nice setting back in our woods, but it's a lot of work on top of trying to update everything. After reading many blogs, I think my hubby is a lot like many others out there. ;^)

Have a great day!

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