Dec 27, 2011


Is that a sigh of relief I can hear across blogland? I know I had one myself the day after Christmas! I look forward to that day, but I also look forward to it being over with as well. The weekend went off without a hitch, the hubby didn't get any service calls to dampen the spirit of the occasion and he got Monday off (without pay tho). We went to Gordman's to do a little shopping, since I have never been there before. It's been there for about a year or two and I never made it in there. Ummm, it probably wasn't a good thing for me to go there either. Can I just say...cute stuff!! I found some really awesome Christmas decorations at half off, which they were reasonably priced to begin with! They will be great for some of my crafts and I will probably kick myself for not buying up every piece of the ones that I got. yup. I can already see it now.

I got some really nice stuff for Christmas and since my hubby has been working so much, he ended up having to make out his own "certificates" to me. Going to Gordman's was for redeeming one of the certificates to pick out a pair of pretty dress heals. He also made me out a certificate for Hobby Lobby, but I won't be cashing that one in yet. Another certificate is for a home date night with him doing the cooking. Very nice!

My son got us some gift cards for one of our favorite restaurants, Ruby Tuesdays. We love that place! My hubby also got me a 16G flashdrive. I need to learn about it some more, but I wanted one so I could remove all the pictures from my desktop unit and hopefully speed that poor thing up more while still be able to get the pictures printed off with all the editing I've done to them. Besides that, it's just a good idea to have them stored externally in case something happens to my computer.

The next thing will be trying to get everything a little more organized, like I try to do every year and yet seem to fall short of that ultimate goal, but some progress is better than none at all, I suppose.

I guess I need to think about how I want to do my mantel after I take all the Christmas decor off. It's so fun to finally have one to decorate now, but haven't really put any thought into decorating one before. Any suggestions? This is what it currently looks like, just so you have an idea of what I'm working with.
I will also need to start cleaning off the treadmill again so that I can start to try to lose some of the weight I put back on from my attempt earlier this year. Or, at least get the tone back that I accomplished then. Why does it take so long to lose the weight and gain the muscle, but so quick to gain the weight back and lose the muscle? That scenario is just so backwards & wrong!

God Bless and have a great day!


Renee@LivingLaughingLoving said...

Sounds like a fun shopping trip when you can spend gift cards!

Good luck with your weight loss! I had a lot of success this year just with counting calories with It's surprisingly MUCH easier to get the lbs off just by watching what you eat as opposed to just exercising. At least that was my experience. I'm NO expert for sure. :)

Andrea Amu said...

Lol, I totally agreee... so hard to lose the weight but so very easy to gain! I am really needing to get back on the exercise wagon... it's pitiful how much i've put on over the holidays! As soon as the New Year weekend is over and the fridge is cleaned out, I am on the mission!

Glad to hear you had a super nice Christmas! Ours was very sweet too... but too short of course. I love that your hubby made you his own certificates... so sweet and thoughtful!

Happy New Year... hope your 2012 is fabulously blessed :)

Karen said...

I know how you feel, my clothes are shrinking by the day lol. I love your husbands gifts, so sweet to make his own certificates. Thanks for visiting and leaving such a nice comment. I'm always happy to make new blog friends. I'm thrilled to be a new follower.

Tracy said...

I too need to get healthier...we should make a pact ;)
Love that hubby made his own certificates, that is so sweet and personal :) Love the dinner at home one :)
Glad you had a nice Christmas :)

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