Dec 2, 2011

Shabby Art Boutique Feature - pretty late tho!! Oops!

I woke up the other morning to learn that I was featured over at Shabby Art Boutique for my Santa's Coat pillow that was posted HERE.

Shabby Boutique's Simply Christmas

How exciting for me!! I love this blog and Kerryanne is featuring Simple Christmas ideas and link parties right up to Christmas!! If you can't find some great blogs and awesome inspiration, then your just missing out, plain and simple.

I have still been crazy busy with a last minute craft show that was Dec. 3 that, although it was terribly slow for traffic, I still did quite well, by my own standards anyways, and much better than the previous show that was sadly disappointing for me. You can't beat the space rent of $25 and I got lucky with a really large area, simply because I was by the emergency exit. I didn't like being on a curved wall, but I was able to add 2 more card tables that I desperately needed in order to be able to set all my stuff out, so that was a huge plus!

I was thinking that I'm done, but I might just go ask the ladies at my bank if they're interested in having me bring my stuff in again like I did last year. I didn't make a killing off them last year (nor did I expect to) but I was still happy to be able to get rid of more things and get a few more dollars.

Today I started working on a word sign for my husband's boss' wife that she ordered and paid for. I would like to try to get it done by this Saturday, since that is the company Christmas party. I have more of the papers picked out and now I need to start looking for the right ribbon and accents. Then comes the un-fun part of cutting out the letters and the chipboard scrolls. I really should be doing that instead of being on here. Not to mention that I need to get the rest of my Fall decor taken down and start on the Christmas stuff. We put the lights on the house yesterday, so that's done before the frigid weather gets here by next weekend. My poor hubby, bless his heart, climbs the 28 ft. ladder to the peak of the house for the lights and now his one shoulder has been bothering him badly. He did anyway, even though he informed me that this was not in his plans for the day.

I hope to get some time to load my newest photos of some things I made for the craft show, but my other computer, that has the photo software I use, just gets slower and slower that I can't stand it. :^/  It's because of the free scanning software I have that creates such a backlog that I can't hate to use it anymore. It was never like this when I first got it, but with each update they do, it disgusts me more. And they want me to PAY them for the program? Nah! Better yet, I'm gonna remove it! Nyah!

Well this will be it for me today. Hope you all are getting your Holiday Spirit on and spreading good cheer! I think I'll start on that myself!

God Bless and have a great day!


Charity said...

Congrats Beth!

Tracy said...

Congrats :)
I can't wait to see some more of your creations :)
Like the new look of your blog :)

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