Nov 9, 2011

A Treat Banner

 I feel as though it's safe to show this by now. I had a treat box banner published in the Cricut "Holidays" magazine back in October. I haven't received my copy yet, but I had to have sneak peek at one of the issues in the rack at JoAnne Fabrics to see what they did with my project. You can only imagine how thrilled I was to see MY treat box banner as the FEATURE project for the Treat Box section of the magazine!! How cool is that? They don't show it as a banner, but it's still very pretty in print! ;^)  Here are my photos of the project - and don't forget that you can click on the pictures to get a larger view.

Here is a bit of a close up of the front of the treat boxes. I just love this striped scrapbook paper by Best Creations for this! I don't know what it is about pink with lime green and red that looks so fun and festive for Christmas, almost child-like, ya know?
I think this banner is a cute thing to do for a party since you can easily untie each box from the banner. I thought it would be fun to put a different surprise in each container, then you could put each letter in a hat and have a drawing for the letter on the container; the "s's" could be S1 and S2 for the 1st S and the 2nd one to eliminate confusion for that duplicated letter. Did that make any sense? :^/ Random thought here...Wouldn't it be cute with curly streamers hanging down? I should have done something like this for my daughter's birthday party, but I didn't make time for it.

Speaking of my daughter's birthday party, I never did get to share pics of that. It's been so crazy around here these past few months. I'm only a few weeks late on posting these since her birthday was Oct 23.

~The Table Setting~

It's not a Pinterest worthy design, but the girls were in total awe and that was all I cared about. My daughter had asked for a Tinkerbell themed party. Neither her friends nor her realized that the only thing Tink at this party was the tablecloth, but they sure thought it was a Tink theme because of the colors I used.

For the cupcakes, I used this is 2-tiered plate holder that I've only used maybe twice in 8 years? I was glad to bring it out again. I just wished I would have thought of it earlier than on the day of the party, then I could have looked for cuter colored plates. That was OK too, because I think the darker blue really set off the bright pink and green cupcake tulip wrappers. Those were from Wilton, by the way.

~Pink Lemonade?~

How cute are these drink glasses I made up? A friend of mine found something similar to this online and showed them to me back in May, but the ones she found had metal daisy cut lids. After a long drawn out process of finding those exact lids at the cheapest price I could, when they arrived, I was disappointed to learn that they were too small for these jars. hmmmm...that's ok, I'm sure I'll find a use for them somewhere down the road, but I had to come up with something else and quick! So I turned to my trusty Cricut machine again & made my own custom daisy cut lid inserts that was a little more color coordinated with the party theme. I put the glasses on a cake plate I picked up at a garage sale this summer for $2. I found the daisy designed paper liners a couple of years ago on clearance at the local Walmart thinking I would use them for scrapbooking. LOL!

I found the turquoise and green polka dotted straws on Etsy at Hiyoyo's store (I think that was the name?). She had smaller quantities and great prices and the fastest shipping I've ever seen. She was a treat to work with too. And did you notice the lavender colored drink in the glass? That's just pink lemonade Kool-aid that I added one drop of blue food coloring to a pitcherful.

~Let Them Eat Cupcakes!~

Hee hee hee! I wanted to make a full blown layered rainbow cake, but that wasn't going to make it in time with me. I seen on Pinterest that some people were taking a shortcut with them and just making cupcakes that they layered the colored batter all at once. It was a tedious task, yet still simpler than the layer cake, if you ask me. I know Brooke loved them....I swear her favorite color is rainbow! She colors everything in rainbow colors. LOL! I would have added rainbow sprinkles to the frosting, but Brooke doesn't like that stuff on her frosting. She likes them on sugar cookies that have no frosting though. I know, I have a quirky daughter. :)

~And MORE Cake!~

This is the bunt cake version I made for her actual birthday dinner when grandma and grandpa came over. I thought it was quite interesting to discover that it actually bakes like the shape of a rainbow! Brooke said the white frosting drizzle looked like white clouds. This is a terrible photo, since I had some major issues with the cake sticking to the bottom of the cake pan and I don't know how to cut a cake to make it photo-op worthy. You still get the effect tho. ;^)

I've been trying to catch up a little on my blog, but that's it for me today. I'm still trying to get more things made for my next craft show on Sat. I need to get more on the ball for this one since I sold so much from my show last week! That's a good thing!

God Bless and have a great day!

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Tracy said...

Wow Beth I love your banner. and the idea of giving a letter with treat inside away to guests.
You party looked perfect and so fun.
Your rainbow cake is wonderful.

Debra @ September Acres said...

Love the boxes. Congratulations on being published. I also love the colors.

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

What a fun party. I'm drooling over those rainbow treats. Love the drink glasses as well. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Tammy said...

I really like the treat banner--wow to be featured in a magazine--how special! Thanks for visiting Homespun Happenings. I am your newest follower:)

Charity said...

Congrats on the pub girlfriend!! So proud of you....we always said you'd dazzle us one day with all your clever Cricut-ness. ;) The party looks like loads of fun- rainbow cupcakes, mason jar drinks with special straws....need i say more?? LOVe it.

Chrissy said...

This party looks like so much fun. I am loving the mason jar drinks!! I'm a new follower!! :)

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