Nov 22, 2011

Treasuring Thanksgiving

I won't be having a long post today and I won't be sharing any crafty pictures, but I did want to share my most heartfelt Thanksgiving wishes for everyone, since it's nearly Thanksgiving here in the States. I will be leaving here shortly to go pick up my sister so she can come to stay with me until the end of the weekend.

We will be celebrating at my dad and step-mom's house with her daughter's family as well.  We have a great time together and really enjoy each others company. I'm hoping it will be one of the happier ones we've had in a long time. My step sister had battled cancer and won so far, but she's struggled with so many other ailments and new conditions, because of her treatments, that it's been heartbreaking. She has been feeling & looking her best in 4 years and I am grateful & thankful for that!

The weather is supposed to be beautiful and that's rare around here for this time of year. I am very content with my life this year. So much so, that I don't really have any strong wants or needs on my Christmas list. I think my husband will thankful for that! ;^) The things I want aren't really tangible things and it may be years before I see that fulfilled.

I will be making home made noodles that I make completely from scratch. I hand mix, hand roll and cut them all by hand, as well. I don't own any fancy food mixers or pasta machines for these and I've made them that way since I was 11 years's been 35 years I've been making these things!

I'm also making a chocolate pie, sopapilla and deviled eggs. If you're wondering what sopapilla is, it's like a big pan of cheese danish and so delicious!! Here is the link to the blog that I found it at. Lisa Bearnson/Sopapilla. And I put my own twist on the deviled eggs too. My husband never liked deviled eggs until he had mine and now he loves them. I learned to make them from my EX-mother-in-law. She was a pretty darn good cook! I had no problems with my MIL, it was her son I had issues with. ;^)

So,I guess that's it for this week. I will still be doing some Black Friday shopping for my kids though and have other outside things to get done when the weather warms up this weekend as well.

 God Bless and have a Wonderful Thanksgiving - even if you're not celebrating it another country!


Charity said...

Glad to har your sister is feeling better and that you'll be spending some time with her.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Beth!

Tracy said...

I hope you enjoy your weekend with your family.
Your cooking sounds delish.
I will be having a Fakesgiving on Saturday, teehee.
Hope you find some good deals on your shopping list :)

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