Oct 14, 2011

Flea Marketing weekend!

YAY!!! I am finally going to get to go somewhere this weekend! I have been stressed about spending the money on the trip, but that's all working out OK, so far. The weather is going to be perfect too. Cool and sunny. I still need to pack just a few things yet, but mostly done. Then it's time to run a few errands while the hubby is hooking up the camper to the truck. It's kind of a long way to go for just the weekend, but I'm hoping we'll enjoy ourselves. I try to prepare the best I can, but it never seems to fail that I/we forget something. Usually nothing that's super important, like clothes or toilet paper, but something to make the trip a little bit better, like marshmallows or something, but that's all packed and since we're not planning on spending much time at the camper, most of the meals will be on the go. We only plan to cook brats over the fire on Sat. nite, with a side of chips and cheese and smores for dessert! YUM! Speaking of smores, have you seen the price of a 6 pack of Hershey bars?!?!? Lord, have mercy! We only had one left in the fridge so I wanted to get some more, but the pkg is almost $4 at Walmart. Well, I don't need 6 more candy bars, so I just bought 2 more single ones and called it good enough. I also picked up a dozen fresh bakery donuts for our breakfasts on Sat/Sun so we can get an early start on the days. I haven't had donuts in quite some time. These will be a treat with a cup of coffee. Oooooh yea.

My dishes are done, the laundry is all done & put away, which makes me feel better that I won't have a messy house to come back to with dirty dishes and laundry to get done before Monday. I hate that, but when my daughter was littler, that was pretty common. I'm glad I'm out of that stage.

My son is coming home this weekend because his college has Fall Break at the beginning of next week and his 19th birthday is Monday. He's happy that he doesn't have classes on his birthday! I don't know when he plans on showing up here, but he said it would be before we get back from camping, which makes me feel better that someone will be here at least part of the time that we're gone. Our neighbors do a good job of watching our place and they have our cell numbers handy. Which was good last year when the hubby caught our woods on fire. He left home to come help me tear down from my craft show that I was at that day. He thought he got the leaf fire put out before he left. However, the neighbor seen smoke and came over to see what my hubby was up to and discovered that no one was home. YIKES! It was a good thing that he came over. My husband just got to the craft show when he got the call & flew back home immediately. Good thing too, because the fire wasn't very far from the north corner of our house! He said "Note to self - that this year, he's not burning leaves on the day of my craft shows - at all."

Well, we're going down to southern/central Indiana to the Covered Bridge Festival. It's a county wide festival that's full of markets and flea markets and all kinds of yard sales & garage sales. We stopped at a garage sale at an Amish farm and they had THE BEST Persimmon cookies I have ever had! OMG!! I wished I would have tasted one before we left there, because I would have asked for the recipe and PAID her for it, if I could have. They're made from the wild Persimmons that grown down there and they are delicious! I have looked online for recipes and tried a few, because yes I did, I bought some persimmon pulp at a couple of places before I left. The recipes I made were good, but not like the ones I bought. I hope we can remember where that place was at and that they're having a sale again. My hubby and I have a dispute in which direction this place was at, so maybe we'll see who is right. maybe. I thought it was on the way to Mansfield, but hubby thought it was on the way to SteamCorner. I really don't care which way it was as long as I can get more cookies or better yet, the recipe! Maybe she even has some canned persimmon pulp too! That could be the secret too.... dreaming.....drooling.....OK! Snap out of it!

So with that, I better get this posted so I can wrap things up.

God Bless and have a great weekend!



Tracy said...

Ok you have made me so hungry...I think I need at least one of everything you had mentioned, lol.
Enjoy your road trip....I love me a road trip :)

Andrea Amu said...

I hope you had an excellent trip and made some fun flea-market discoveries! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Sounds like a great trip. Hope you found lots of treasures!! Really like your blog. Glad I found it!!

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