Oct 11, 2011

Faux Grain sack pillow

 I have made a little decorative pillow. Nope, it's not a big deal... if you can sew a straight line in the shape of a square, you're pretty much good to go. But, this pillow is kind of unique in 2 ways. First, after my mother-in-law passed away, my husband and I had the task of going through all her things & deciding what to do with all of it. I came across a small booklet with just a few pillow designs. I'm pretty sure I still have the book, but I just don't know where. I only kept it because there was one pillow design in it that I really liked and that design is pretty popular right now. The second reason I wanted to make this pillow is that I have seen so many awesome looking pillows out in blogland that have been made from old grain sacks, or at least made to look like they were made from one. I mean, let's face it, they're not all that easy to find now and when you do, they're kind of steep to buy one or they're just not in great shape.

So, after I had some fabric left over from making my witches hats, I realized I had enough to make a smaller one of these pillows. YES!! I got my image transferred on the fabric first, then I managed to hit Joanne's when they were having their pillow forms 50% off. I was tempted to buy more than one, but I sure didn't need extras of these laying around if this didn't turn out as hoped planned, so I just got the one. I found some wooden buttons at Walmart that were big & chunky, exactly what I had in mind. So far, so good. This stuff has sat around waiting for me to finally pick it up and just DO something with it. That day was today. After getting a little frustrated with how the snowman hat didn't turn out as good as the witch hats did, I wasn't feeling the love with the ol' sewing machine - if ya know what I mean... (*sigh!*)

I'm not sure just what made me grab the stuff for the pillow, but I did and the design was just kind of coming together in an unconventional manner. I didn't have a pattern, I didn't have instructions I just had a vague idea of how to do it. I mean, it's not rocket science, for crying out loud. It's. just. a. pillow. They've been making them for AGES. So I learned a few things for the next time I might get the urge to make some more of these, and I really should, providing anyone wants this one at my craft show next month. In fact, I have some older pillows that my MIL made that have seen better days. I could just save the foam inside and make my own.


Here is the front side of the pillow. The image came from Graphics Fairy blog. She has tons of vintage images that are free for use. It's awesome!

This is the backside, the design I had wanted to try because of that little booklet my MIL had.

I like this style because it's easy to insert & remove the pillow form if you want to change out the cover. And don't you just love those big chunky wood buttons? I think I want to get some more to have on hand. I also like that you can have it turned with the buttons going from side to side, like I have here, or up and down. I like doing something with the back of the pillow that is just as interesting as the front, in case you want to change your look without buying new pillows. It makes them a bit more versatile.

I don't know if I'll get to post anymore this week or much next week either. We are going camping this weekend and my son is coming home early next week for his fall break from college. It's also his birthday on Monday and my daughter's birthday is the next weekend and she wants a sleep over party. I am going to try to make myself really nuts by attempting to make one of those rainbow cakes. You can call me crazy or stupid (or both) I'm sure I've been called both without knowing it. ;^) I hate working under pressure, but I swear that's when my best creativity comes to me. LOL! I know I'm not alone in that process either.  :^D

So that's it from me for now.

I am linking up to Rustic Crafts Shabby shares Sat., Someday Crafts Whatever Goes Wed.

God Bless and have a great day!



Tracy said...

You aren't alone in working under pressure, lol.
You pillow is gorgeous. I love the buttons on the back.
Enjoy your time with you kids this weekend :)

Andrea Amu said...

Wow! So cute... love the vintage grain sac imagery!

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