Jul 18, 2011

I do have some things to share today

I have been busy working on several craft projects that are mainly for my craft show later in the fall. I would love to show all these things off, but I run into the problem of people who must be locals here that copy my stuff (exactly like mine, thank you very much) & put them in their own booths at the same show. I realize that the internet is vast ocean of ideas for the taking & I am no different of being lured in for inspiration, hook, line & sinker! I do copy other ideas I've seen online, but I do at least try to put my own twist on those ideas. But there are some ideas that I have completely come up with all on my own & I believe them to be pretty good ideas. The last thing I need is competition for sales on my own idea! Been there. Done that. It sucks. Once, I posted something I created out of vinyl on the old Cricut message board & it had a lot of positive remarks. I showed up at my first craft show after that & there is a booth with the same exact thing I made! I'm sure you can imagine me keeping my jaw from hitting the floor as I'm walking by this booth with MY project! So, note to self & others that do craft shows with their own original ideas.....don't post them online unless you want them copied, even in your own po-dunk town craft show. I can't stop the copiers that walk through the shows just to steal ideas, which includes other vendors as well as the shoppers. I do pretty good in sales for such small venues, but I don't like fighting for sales of my own idea. The bright spot of the one situation was that I sold my project and the other person didn't.

OK, enough of my complaining about craft show idea robbers. I have a simple little project that I made as a gift for someone that I thought was a friend, but who turned out to just be the social snob I originally thought she was. She was very nice to me for the week that we worked together on Teacher Appreciation projects & we even exchanged some personal family history with each other that we had in common. She seemed so grateful for my help that she offered to take me out to breakfast the next week. I told her she didn't need to that, that I enjoyed doing the projects & having someone else to talk craft talk with that liked it as much as I did. She still insisted she would take me to breakfast. So, I thought I would make a little something to say thank you for her gesture. I still have it because that was May & now it's 2+ months later & not a peep from her. She only lives a block away from me, so I'm not sure why the snob job from her, but I guess she'll be totally on her own next year with all 65 projects! It's not a huge deal of a gift, I just put her initial on it in case she wanted to use it for something else - but then again probably not.

Then I took a Dollar Tree mirror and transformed it from this....

....to this. Lots of Cricut cuts and I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't know how I could craft again without that machine...or at least a cutting machine of some sort.

I have another project that I want to post, but maybe I'll save that for tomorrow's post. Not a big deal, but I still think it's neat.

So that's all for today

God Bless and have a great day ~ keep cool!!



Andrea Amu said...

Again... don't hate me for being a blogger poster slacker! I am so sorry I haven't been around to all my favorite blogs (yours included) too much this summer! I need to get back at it... I miss seeing what ya'll are up to!

Anyway... love your projects and would love to see what else is up your sleeve, but I do understand completly about the copiers! That sad, but yes, it happens and once who have a fabulous idea, you should keep it under wrap until the big reveal, lol!

The mirror is totally cute...I bet Brooke loved that one! Really, what did we do before the creation of the Cricut?? Lol... seriously!

Tracy said...

Oh my your mirror frame is transformed beautifully :)
Your decor candle came out so pretty, her loss maybe your gain. Put it in the craft show ;)

As for copiers I have gone through this my whole life. My GF not only has the same BDay as me, she got her parents to get her the same gifts.
My daughter gets this with her friends and her photography.
But then again, why hid your talent, right ?

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