Jun 2, 2011

I think I'm over-booking myself

I must be a glutton for punishment, I tell ya. I have so many projects in "the works" at the moment & several others that I want to also start , it's not even funny. I need to be working on a graduation card for the son of some friends of ours because his open house is this Saturday. I am debating about putting forth the effort since this kid really could probably care less & I might just talk myself into just picking up a dollar store card for him anyway. I've made several hand made cards for him in the past, so I don't think he'll miss one this time. Him & his family was more impressed with my computer graphics on his first one than anything I've done with scrapbooking supplies and my Cricut since. blah. I just talked myself out of doing that one, now didn't I? *snicker...*

I also have been trying to get started on a mini album for my step-nephew, but have had a hard time getting the photos I'd like because his parents are clearly busy as well planning his graduation party. My hope was to have it done with photos so they wouldn't have to have another project to work on that isn't considered a priority or that it wouldn't ever get done with everything else they have going on non-party wise. But you have to just make do. I guess he gets what he gets & he has to make the pictures work with the design & I won't have to put some of the extra details in it that I had thought about doing that required having the photo already mounted. I just have a more challenging time working with boy/guy pages as it is.

So another project I'm working on is a surprise for the granddaughter of one of my deceased MIL's friends. My MIL is deceased, not her friend...just wanted to make that clear since it didn't really sound quite right. It will also be a surprise for my MIL's friend because I haven't told her that I was even thinking about doing it. However, I'm not worrying about putting a whole lot of extra space for photos in her book, since I don't know the granddaughter at all. I've only seen a few photos of her & I may try to sneak some into the album if I think about it or have time. I'm also don't know her real tastes, but I know she already has some tattoos, so I'm guessing I'm on the right track with this book, at least a little.

Anyway, here are a few sneaks of the cover & the first page so far. As usual, I don't have a plan for how I'm doing this, I just pretty much wing it as I go. LOL! I stopped planning things with all the details long ago because I always end up having to change those plans at the last minute anyway, so I'm still winging it, even when I'm trying not to. I mean, I have very general ideas of how I'm going to do things, but that's the extent of planning & those typically change too. (insert rolling eyes here...)

I might just take a slight break now from this project and try to work on the insulated tumbler for my daughter's 1st grade teacher & then I really need to get going on my nephew's album. I sure could use some cool inspiration for his book, but then again, I can't afford to go out & buy more stuff to work on it. So, here I go now...going to go work on it...yep...that's what I'm gonna do...right after I try to find some more inspiration on YouTube again. LOL!!

God Bless & have a great day!



Tracy said...

LOL, yup sounds like you talked yourself out of that card pretty much :)
As for your sneak peek, love the colour combination and the flowers. So pretty.
I too have to much on the table. Here I lay recouping and have a mini album to finish, a envelope tag swap that I am hosting and other projects I am looking forward to creating.
Ohhh us creative souls, teehee.

PEA said...

Beth, love the peaks. So very pretty. You are a busy girl.
Also love that you can actually talk yourself out of stuff. Oh that is a mad skill I wish I had. I get the guilt trips and do it anyway.

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