May 5, 2011

Pub News! + long post, kinda pick heavy

I don't know if I'm starting to become one of the Cricut Magazine's Vinyl regulars or what ;-), but I've had FOUR vinyl projects accepted for the September issue!! Waaa Hooo!!!

I hope I can get them all in one of those Flat Rate boxes, because otherwise it's gonna be heavy & expensive. I had a 12x12 tile, a ceramic plate & a glass cutting board accepted along with a set of 4 mini hand soap bottles. I submitted other non-vinyl projects, but they didn't get accepted. One is a little mirror, so maybe I'll try to submit it to Papercrafts & see where that gets me. Probably like all the other times I've call. If not, then I'll be posting it here on my blog.

I have been crafting a lot this week, but it's been for teacher/staff appreciation week at my daughter's school & I'm not doing them at my own home so I don't take pictures. She found lots of really cute ideas like making a pencil from Rolos & a Hershey's Kiss, A treatbag of M&M's with an owl head topper, a Smore's kit in a baggie, a pieced branch picture with the leaves being the kids fingerprints as well as the little birds, butterflies & a catepillar. That's what we're working on today. I think I'm missing something, but can't recall at the moment what it might be. We're already working on ideas for next fall. That might be a little crazy for me, since that's when my craft shows & 2 birthday's are.

Here examples of what we made. These are where she got the inspiration from, NOT OUR actual projects.

Rolo Pencils - our version had a happy face stamped on the apple & baker's twine to tie the tag on. We used silver kisses for the "lead" portion instead of the gold too.

Owl Baggie Toppers - our owls were light pink & dk. pink with little primitive shaped hearts for the beak. I think I mostly used the Accent Essentials cartridge for this, but not 100% positive on that.

We Need SMORE people like you (this was Staff Appreciation, not just teachers) - our version had kraft paper backing with the bark looking embossing on it & a scalloped border punched at the bottom with a red, green or blue & white gingham for the label with rounded corners.

Fingerprint art - for our version I cut out a branch from my cricut & TONS - like 450 (.80 sized) ovals for the kids to put their fingerprints on to create the leaves, birds, & we're adding a butterfly & a caterpillar to ours, since most classes have over 25 students per class. I hope to get a picture of the one for my daughter's teacher.

On a different note for today, we finally have our new roof completed & the guys are just finishing up the loose ends & doing a repair on our ceiling where one of them slipped & their foot came through out ceiling - oops! It's not a big deal, since we had to replace a section of the ceiling from the leak damage anyway. We just hope that it holds up better than the last new roof we had done just 5 years ago & it started leaking in the 2nd year. No, we were NOT having those people back to attempt to fix anything ever again for us. The crew that's doing our roof(s) this time seem very knowledgeable about what they do & they're Amish. So now I have finally been able to get the 3 buckets, one large tote & towels with trashbags under them, out of my family room & the nasty 2 ft. long stained part of the ceiling will be gone too. YAY!!! I just have to shampoo the carpet to get rid of the light water splashes. Finally....*sigh*

So, if you've hung out here for the duration of the post, THANKS!! Perhaps if you've needed some student or teacher gifty inspiration, maybe you've found some here.

God Bless & have a great day!

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Tracy said...

Your pencil treat holder is so adorable. I think a tutorial is in order.
My daughters are to old to give gifts for their teachers, but this is something to keep for the future.
Oh my his foot came through the roof, I would freak out a bit. Sure hope you dont have to much water damage

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