May 25, 2011

Posts are getting kinda skimpy, eh?

I know I have not been keeping up with my blog very well & I tend to lose people along the way because of that. I guess that's the price I pay for trying to get things accomplished around my house & outside when the weather turns warmer. I'd rather be outdoors any nice day...except when the mosquitoes are sooooooo bad that they're swarming around the doors just waiting to get sucked inside whenever it opens. We've had so much rain here in the past few weeks that the nearby dried up swamps are quite full now & we even have standing water in our back woods. At least the front woods are dried up now, but more rain is expected today with possible severe storms later on.

I do have a bit of crafting news to share though. Quite by surprise, I received this in the mail on Monday. Isn't that card on the front awesome?? No. It's not mine, but it sure is pretty!

I was so happy that Northridge Media decided to ship one copy of the current Cricut magazine out so we can see our projects that were published in a much more timely fashion, instead of having to wait several months AFTER it's been out on the market.

Here is MY page of Brooke in the magazine!! Would you believe that this is the very first project I ever worked on with a Cricut machine? It's true. I used the Expression machine at my local scrapbook store in my first year of being on their design team. I was SOLD!! It took a while to get one & I bought the Personal bug off a friend first, but I talked the DH into getting me one for Christmas less than 6 months later. I don't think I could craft without it now & as they say, the rest is history! hee hee....

I've been working on the suitcase project a little. I've been working on the coffee table project, a little - need more sanding and I'm working on recovering my glider rocker too. I've never refinished or recovered anything before, so these have been some interesting projects. I've come across some roadblocks in their completion, so it will still be a little while longer before they're done. I was hoping to get them done before I started on my nephew's graduation mini album & my own son's graduation party & going down to Indy to sign him up for college next month. So many things are happening so fast. Oh, and my daughter is home sick today.

And so, with that, I need to get started on something.

God Bless and have a great day!


Tracy said...

You are one busy lady:)
How exciting to have your work in a magazine!!
I can see why they picked your project, its stunning.

Andrea Amu said...

I know, girl... isn't this raining ridiculous this year! I've had enough, and It's been so great to have a rain-free and beautiful holiday weekend!

I'm also stoked that Northridge decided to send out a copy of the magazine right away! Very nice of them to decide to do that now. Your page is wonderful and hoe cool is it that it's your first ever Cricut project in the Cricut mag! Super cool ;)

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