Apr 20, 2011

Weather & other stuff

I don't know about most of you, but the weather has been quite soggy here just this week. That doesn't make for a happy us here. Rain doesn't bother me, but heavy rain does & lots of it. And of course, it doesn't get that way around here until we're ready to have a new roof put on. The buckets are getting full, we even have to use a long tote underneath the beam because you just never know where it's gonna leak there & we don't want a bunch of buckets lined up along there. Then, there's the towels under the buckets & flattened trash bags under the towels to help protect the carpet from splashes when the buckets get too full. No, it's not pretty here. And, because of the rain, they have now postponed starting on our roof until Monday. It's supposed to rain Monday & Tuesday here too. The April showers finally showed up here for the last 2 weeks of the month. Yes, things are looking lush & green now.

Speaking of spring, last night was my daughter's Spring Music Program. It's a big deal for the kids because they get to get dressed up & look like movie stars. They do a great job & it's so cute to watch the little Kindergartners. Brooke is in First grade, but they go in order, so you get to see the smaller children perform. It was a huge crowd last night & it was very warm in there. I am rarely warm until about July, so for me to say it was very warm, is really something.

Brooke likes to have her hair done up & so we did a single braid in the back, but the problem with her having her hair in tales of any kind is that she won't leave them alone. So, several times during the her grade's portion of the program you see her with her hands along the back of her head, fiddling with that braid.

And, the little boy that was standing next to her was so funny! He had stage fright, according to Brooke. We noticed him hiding behind her during different parts of the program & we were wondering what that was about. LOL!

I knew Tracy would ask to see the Easter basket that I decorated a little for my daughter, so I took a picture of it & here it is.

It's not put together in a professional presentation, but I just have never had a knack for that, so I could never make a living out of making gift baskets, that's for sure.

I haven't quite figured out the point of having Easter grass in the basket. Maybe I just put too much stuff in them & I try to dig it back up so you can see some, but it doesn't stay there & it all just ends up settling to the bottom. I actually spend more time picking it up off the floor & digging it out of my vacuum more than it serving a purpose in those baskets. Am I right? Oh, ya know I am. ;-)

And so I leave you with a Happy Easter wishes & God Bless!



Tracy said...

Your daughter is adorable. Too cute about the braid, teehee.
Yup your right, I wanted to see the Easter Basket and it is so pretty and yummy ;)
Thaks for sharing the pics :)

Jennifer @ Rustic Renditions said...

Beth, thanks for the shout out on my blog yesterday. I tried replying directly back to you but your profile says "noreply@blogger..." Anyway, thanks for sharing your story... it's tough right now! But I know things will get better eventually. I know what you mean about all the rain! I'm just glad it's not snow :)
Your daughter is so cute! And that little boy is too funny :)

Andrea Amu said...

Aww, that basket is sooo girlie cute! You did a fab job with that basket wrap!

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