Mar 23, 2011

WINNER ~ WINNER, Chicken Dinner!!!

I couldn't believe it when I hopped over to one of my FAVORITE scrappy sites called the Crop Addict! They had a blog hop earlier this month and if you participated in all the fun little activities over the course of a whole weekend, you had a chance to win 3 prize packages. First place was $100 worth of product!! GUESS WHAT?? That was ME!!! AHHH!!

They have always had great challenges every week & even though it's been ages since I've participated in a challenge, I've won a few & received great prize packages for those too. I can't wait to see if I get to go shopping myself or if it's a package valued at $100. I'm not clear on that, but regardless, WOW!!! If I do get to shop for myself, I'd love to try one of those ATG adhesive runners, because I'm so tired of the ones that are out there that don't last long before they run out & the adhesive doesn't hold up long either.

I'll keep you posted on what my winnings are when I get exciting!!

God Bless & take care!



Daisymeh said...

YAY! Congrats Beth!!!

I think Debbie plans on sending you a big prize pack of goodies. I'll mention you would love an ATG Glue Glider if she has one in stock!

that girl said...


Tracy said...

Yeah for you :)
How fun is that. I love my ATG!!

Monique said...

Huge congrats Beth!! Have fun spending!!!

Mark said...

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scarremoval said...

I love the idea of your recipe and Congrats. Its no funny but cool and fantastic. lol.
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