Feb 1, 2011

It's heading our way.....

There is a winter storm that is supposed to be heading right for us, but I just wonder what we'll get....snow or ice? Clearly, I'd rather have snow than the ice, but I'd rather it just be SPRING already! Of course, around here, too much spring too soon with all this snow can mean flooding & that's not good either.

I wanted to share a layout I made of when my son was just 3 years old. Boy, this really takes me back, because my son is 18 now & preparing to graduate from high school. I'll tell you that back when he was 3- 15 years from then seemed like an eternity. Fifteen years later, it seems just like yesterday.

I made this page for a challenge that you can participate in at an awesome site called: For the Luv of Art! They have great challenges & this week's challenge was pretty simple, make a project using blue, green & some stitching. I believe the stitching has to be authentic & not drawn or by a rub-on, but I'm not 100% sure on that. Check it out HERE!

So, with my page, I used all Pebbles Inc. that I won in a prize pack from them last year. I have to admit that I was kind of having a hard time with it when I got it, but when I seen the challenge at FTLOA, it hit me that this could work! I thought that since it had some orange in the design I used over the photo, I could use it as a slight accent color too, & I do like a touch of orange with blue & green when they're not pastel tones. I had a bit of an issue with the original stitching plan though. I did a test run with the stitch pattern I wanted to use and then I started out doing OK at first on this page, but after the first inch was done, my machine started screwing up - BIG TIME! It started to bunch up & then it started running backwards & I did not have the reverse stitch mechanism set. So before it started to tear up my page, I stopped & had to think up a new idea to hide the bad stitch pattern. I wouldn't say this idea was perfect, but I had to make it work, since this was the only length of the closest matching green card stock I had left & it wasn't very wide to punch the tiny border either. Ugh! I used some fill in pattern paper so it would be wide enough to cover the width of the bad stitching. So needless to say, I used the holes from the punched edge to create my very simple design of hand stitching of X's and O's. I keep coming up with other ideas to add to the page, so it may evolve some more from this design, just a little though. I just hope I don't ruin it by trying to do so. I have a tendency of doing that, ya know.

Speaking of screwing things up, I have been trying to work on several other projects to share, but it seems like everything I touch turns to trash, because it gets messed up beyond repair or cover-up. I am doing a little project for my daughter's room at the moment that hasn't been ruined by me yet, but then again, it's not done either. :-S

Oh! I think I may have forgot to toot my own horn once (*snicker~snicker!*). Well, only because I didn't realize what actually happened. Anyway, if you read one of my previous posts telling you that I was getting 2 projects published in a magazine called Create: Cricut, I was wrong. Yes, it turns out that one did not get published in there after all. Nope. It was published in the very first Cricut Magazine instead!!! You have no idea how disappointed I was when I learned that there was even this magazine coming out & I thought I missed out on the chance to submit for it. Now I find out that one of my projects IS in there! So, if you have this magazine, check out page 81 - that's mine! I still have not gotten this magazine to check it out, but a good friend of mine has a subscription & she informed me that she found it in there. I am so thrilled to discover this!

Oh, and that storm we're supposed to get....it's here & so far, it's snow, lots of it & blowing pretty good, if you want to call blowing & drifting snow with wind chills below zero Fahrenheit pretty good. :(

God Bless & have a great day!



Tracy said...

Your layout is adorable. Your son is/was so cute at that age.

Stampin' Meg said...

what a super cute LO-That photo is darling!

ashjoy said...

Awesome, I really need to use my cricut more! Love the page!

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