Feb 12, 2011


OK, I'm not sure if I just had a lesson in Facebook or if I just have been redeemed for divorcing my 1st husband. I think I'll take redemption.

First, I want to apologize to anyone that reads this blog and is one of my Facebook friends that may have read my ex's response to my lighthearted jab that was more intended about the mechanic that didn't fix my son's car, than my ex-husband. I guess he took it personally.

However, even though they've never made a comment on my facebook page ever before, he & his wife finally decided to do so this time and it wasn't pretty. I apologize because I'm sure this was done at 3:30 in the morning after a typical night of his drinking. I'm not making excuses for him, good grief NO! I'm just sorry that the rest of you had to witness his ignorance and I'm sorry that innocent people were involved. I could have gotten really nasty with him in response, but I've always told myself that I would never stoop to his level & God is going to help me through this like all the other times He's had to with this man. He just proved that what I said about him in my post was all too accurate. But, as my luck will probably have it, he will take me to court & he will probably win. It's not that I don't want to pay for my son's education, if I had the money. My parents did not pay for my education after high school. And I think if you pay for it yourself, you are more likely to try harder to succeed than if your parents are footing the bill.

Thanks for just listening to me here. It's not a happy post, but unfortunately, it's a part of my life & my biggest regret is that I gave one of my children a father like that....

God bless & have a great day!

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Tracy said...

I am not on your FB page.
But I agree with you on paying your own way.
We are lucky enough to be able to pay for our daughters education. We paid for her 3 yrs of College, but she paid for her books, laptop and any extra's she needed.
Now she is going to University and she is paying the full haul.
We have had our children pay their way through life, as that is how it is in "the real world".

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