Dec 7, 2010

Something I may have missed....?

I don't think that I posted this at the time that I actually finished it, but I could be wrong. I didn't see it when I did my search.

However, if I am repeating myself, then that's OK too, since this is season appropriate right now!
(If you want to see it in a larger view, just click on the picture)

This is a word sign that I altered for a GOOD customer of mine. She wanted it done with a snowman theme. It took me FOREVER to complete because at the time of her order, I knew I wanted the Bazzill Diamond Bling card stock. Wouldn't you know that it was not available anywhere!!! I mean anywhere too! My local scrapbook store had it on back order for months until they closed their doors, then I went to another store & they had it on back order for-ever! I searched every online store I could find, big & small & they either didn't carry it or it was on back order with them too. What was the deal here? The real catch was that this exact color was being pushed in every scrapbook magazine since before I even needed it & yet no one had it to begin with. So frustrating & bless my customer's heart for being so understanding in the looooooong wait. Lucky for me, it was going in a room that she has dedicated to snowmen all year round, so she wasn't really pushing the issue. But still, who wants to wait almost a year for something like this?

Anyway, a 3rd scrapbook store that was an hour away, that had closed their doors at the exact same time as when she placed the order (go figure!), had reopened under new owners & by the time I finally got to go check them out (3 months later) they had it in stock! Woo hoo!!! I literally had to go to town on getting this baby done. Since I had waited so long to get the paper I needed, I nearly forgot what my original plan was for the design. Memory, don't fail me now! If it did fail me, I may have over compensated for it in the end. LOL!

She seemed totally thrilled with it. She even gave me a $5 tip & a huge hug! I thought I would cry when she gave me the hug.

I don't think I would, or even could, make another like this one again. Some of the stuff I used on it was a couple of years old & I had to do some serious digging to find enough snowman things to put on it. Lots of long hours on the Cricut machine too.

On a sort of different topic, yet not, the kiddo had a 2 hour delay today because of lake effect snow. It was the delay she needed to hopefully help her recoup on her sleep after not getting enough at her friend's birthday sleepover on Saturday night. She was definitely feeling some jet lag, without the jet! LOL! We didn't get much of the snow on Monday, but apparently overnight we got hit pretty good & it's been almost non-stop today.

Brooke & I managed to get a small batch of sugar cookies made last night, but I know it won't be the last. These are her favorite to make & eat. I make the cookies so big & a bit thicker that one batch of dough doesn't make very many. Brooke likes to use her own little mini cutters & rolling pin. They're really good if you put mini chocolate chips or the mini M&M's on them. Of course, everything is better with chocolate, don't you think? ;-) Oh, & now I might get to use the 1st failed fudge recipe as frosting, since that was the consistency it had.

I suppose I'll end this post for now. I have some things to get done & a few errands to run before I go pick Brooke up from school.

God Bless & have a great day!

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Kiehn said...

wow the believe snowman sign you did for a customereat job its beautiful its do i get one? lol great job


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