Sep 13, 2010

I must have lost the few viewers I had since my summer break from blogging...not sure what to do to lure you all back or find some new ones, but I have really been busy crafting, but ya know, I'm doing a few craft shows & have still been trying to get something published somewhere on paper. So I don't want to post things that I don't want copied or have to remove later. Although, it would be fun to have to have a little sticky note that says it's Out For Publication. ;-)

I have been trying to get something published with a few of my favorite mags for over 2 years now & it may be even 3, but I've lost track. I can get published with online magazines with no problem, but those hard copy paper ones still elude me. My most recent attempt is with a publication that the Trends magazine lines (Scrapbook, Cards, Handmade) must be coming out with for Provo Crafts Cricut machine & cartridges. I submitted several items for their review, but I seriously doubt that I will ever hear from this company. But, like with my first marriage, I'll keep trying until I can't take it no more. ;-)

Now, for some other pathetic creativity for my garden art. I've seen people making tipsy pots, & although I've seen some variations of this design that I could like, it's just not really my thing. I've dabbled in the glass totems, but grew weary of that quickly after just the first one. I've made a couple of the gazing ball bowling balls & still like those. But, I've found a new little love that is really simple while being somewhat elegant & still having a bit of whimsy. I don't do cutesy, so that's not going to happen with my creations, unless I'm selling them. But first, let me show you what I picked up a couple garage sales last Friday.

I picked all these glass pieces up for $1.25 and here's what I did with them!

These are made to look like mushrooms!! I just think they add a bit of something extra to the garden scene. I haven't figured out where I'll put them, but you can bet it's gonna be in my new garden shed garden.

I have finally gotten some of my fall planting started. I've done really well this year with getting my stuff planted in a timely fashion, but when it got so hot, I held off & just tried to keep the stuff alive in the pots until now. I still have some things left to plant, but where they end up is not ready for them. I did find the prettiest color of Hyacinth at Menards this past weekend. It looks like an orange or Apricot color! I've don't think I've ever seen this color for a Hyacinth, but it's called Gypsy Queen.

Well, this drug on much longer than it needed to. Sorry to continue to anyone who is actually reading this. LOL!!!

God bless & have a great day!

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NellJean said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I'll try to return here soon and look at everything. I've planted Gypsy Queen in the past and it is one of my fav hyacinths. I bought no bulbs this year but fall isn't over.

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