Aug 30, 2010

So many things to do....

so little time to get them all done! I don't know how things are for most people, but at our house, it seems as though there are a ton of unfinished projects. This really drives me crazy, even though I'm just as guilty as anyone else who lives here. Sometimes I have a lot of help from my hubby though. He's the WORST culprit of these atrocities. All it takes is one little hiccup, like he ran out of the right sized screws to complete something & the project goes into delay indefinitely just because he doesn't want to make a special trip into town to get them. Ummmm, the far edge of town is 5 minutes away. The list of incomplete projects is a mile long & growing by the day. I'd tell you to not even get me started, but it's too late for THAT!! He'll pick on me if I'm power driving to get something done right now, but if I let it go for a couple of weeks, then he's picking on me again about how I didn't finish it. Things get completed to the point that they look done, but just a few more little things need to be tweaked or added to finish it up & make it good. Take our family room for looks done for the most part, but we still need to add the baseboard trim & all the trim work around doorway opening. This has been like that for 4 years now.....I rest my case. His famous line is "That'll be my Winter project" & it never is. Many things start out as a winter project, but he doesn't start until late Feb or March & once the weather gets nice outside, he quits working on the winter project to start on fire wood for the next season, because he doesn't like working on that when it gets hot out. The winter project is as done as it's gonna get - ya know what I'm sayin'????

OK, enough with starting this post out as a bit of a complaint-fest, but I just had to get that off my chest.

It leads me to my next "unfinished project" that I'm determined to not let it end up in that category.

Last Friday, we went to a couple of garage sales. The first one didn't really do anything for us, but moved on to the next one down the road that is officially in the middle of BFE. She had a few things that intrigued us, but when I seen the pile of storm doors stacked along her barn, I wanted them to use as trellises by my garden shed. When I explained what I wanted them for to my hubby, he misunderstood my meaning & thought I meant for an arbor. Well, I liked my idea AND his idea! Luckily, there was 5 doors to make both! The doors were $5 a piece & I managed to talk the lady down to $20 for all of them. Boy, she was happy just to see all of them go at once.....that is until Alan told her what our plans were for them. She was regretting even putting them out for sale now & wishing she had thought of the idea herself. I think she'll be kicking herself even more once she sees how they turned out. She said she was planning on coming to our sale Labor Day weekend. I'm sure she wants to see what she gave up, but then again, she may not after she sees how cool it turned out. I'm not going to post a photo yet, but you'll have to come back for FINISHED PROJECT. Ya see, Alan started putting it together that same day after he went & picked them up. I even had some cool wrought iron corner brackets that I've been saving for a few years now. We put those on it & really makes it even that much nicer. This was one project that I'm excited to get done. I'll actually have more money in cheap spray paint than in the rest of the arbor & it will still be cheaper, prettier & sturdier than anything I can get on clearance at a store right now. I already know the paint job won't last long at all & I do want a rusting appearance, but I think I'll end up with more than I really wanted. Oh well - who knows?

That's it for today's post. I hope to have some pics for you later this week!

God Bless & have a great day!


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