Jan 13, 2010

Some new places to visit!

Well, it's been a rough 2009 for many of us scrappers with all the leaving, changes, closings & rearranging in the scrapbooking industry. Well let's face it, it's been a tough year for all of us. Many of us scrappers have been forced to find some new homes for our inspiration & upload fixes. Sometimes it's not easy finding the right "home" where you feel welcomed & where you "fit."

I have found a couple of new ones. I have to admit that my first online scrapping inspiration fix was at CreativExpress or CX. MANY of the industry's celebrities had started there like Kelly Goree, Melissa Phillips, Dee Gallimore-Perry, Greta Hammond, just to mention a few! I had to leave the loop for a while when I couldn't get internet connection in the boonies that I had moved to, so I lost touch in the short year I had missed out. Many of them had moved on to bigger & better things during that time & I guess eventually, politics took over that site & they lost focus & ground, now they seem to just be a store & nothing much more. It's very sad & I miss the friends I had come to know there. I occasionally remember to visit a few of the girls' blogs, but alas, only a few keep up on them anymore.

Anyway, I still keep in touch with Andrea Amu whom I had met there at CX and who happens to be just an amazingly inspirational person to begin with, but her work is almost as amazing! She has found a new home & led me there too. It has the look & feel of the old CX site, but with fresh new faces for me to get to know & inspiration overflowing! What is the name of this place? It's Serendipity Scrapbooks. I love the name of this place, it's so much like the way I scrapbook - seriously!

Which brings me to a wonderfully awesome contest that Serendipity has going on right now...

Want $20, $30, $40 or even $50 of goodies off your wishlist for FREE???? This contest could be just the thing for you.

January through Feb. 28th we will be having the Wishes come true Contest, where there will be drawings for goods off your wishlist.

See how to particpate in this contest:
1. Register in the store and start making your wishlist

2. Register in the forum - Post in the New Members checkin thread and then post a minimum of 9 other times on our message board.

3. If you were invited Please make note in your New Members checkin thread who invited you. Then start inviting others.

4. For each person you invite and they complete these requirements you will be added to the drawings again.

-The first drawing for the $20 wishlist give away will happen when 25 new Registered members complete the above requirements
-The Second drawing for the $30 wishlist give away will happen when 30 more new members complete the requirements
-The third drawing for the $40 wishlist give away will happen when 40 more new members complete the requirements
-The Fourth drawing for the $50 wishlist give away will happen when 50 more new members complete the requirements

When we reach 1000 new members in the forum there will be another $50 drawing and ALL registered memebers in the forum will receive a FABULOUS digital/printable downloadable kit for FREE!!
PLUS when we reach the first 50 new members (827 total members) All registered forum members will get a bonus downloadable/printable item. Then when we reach 902 new members ANOTHER downloadable gift.
Lets get busy and start inviting new members: Tweet it, Facebook it, Blog about it and just start sharing about our forum

**Your name stays in for ALL drawings and you be able to continue having your name added for all new members that mention you invited them and complete the requirements.

**Wishlist giveaway items will be picked by store owner from your Wishlist and sent within a week of each drawing.

You can read this all over at Serendipity, > here

Sooo, maybe this will entice some of you to come on over after all! I sure hope so :) And don't forget, if you all register up at Serendipity, please remember to tell them all that "I", BethM sent you!!

THEN! There's another cool place to check out & their giving away some awesome candy! & I just love the name of this place too - Posh Designs. It just sounds so L.A. to my small midwestern life. LOL! It's a really easy contest to sign up for. All you have to do Please leave a comment on the Posh Designs post, only one entry per person! (duplicates will be deleted)
  • Post a link about this blog candy on your blog or website and don't forget to leave a link, and if you don't have one, just spread the word out ok!?
  • The last one is totally up to you, if you aren't already a follower you can follow us, now that'll make us waaaayyy happy!
Eazy peazy! The prize pkg. is awesome & so worth the little effort! They have a great little shop too, so go check it out while you're there, not to mention some of the sweetest bunch of gals you'll ever meet!

Now go on over & meet some new friends & tell 'em BethM sent ya!

God Bless & have a great day!



ellen s. said...

oooh! welcome. i am so glad you came over. i love andrea so i know she wouldn't steer you wrong ;) A lot of our DT alumni are on Manufacturer teams today so this is a great place.

you will love it.

Andrea Amu said...

:) Yay! Again, I am sooo happy that you came over to keep me company at Serendipity! I am really liking it there and I hope you are too :) Didn't see you around for the crop this weekend though! Were you busy with other stuff?

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