Dec 31, 2009

Maybe bragging but...

I am still thrilled about making Honorable Mention for the Reminisce DT search & today they showed some of the projects from the winner & other 4 runners up. I can see why I didn't make the team, but I do want to share my projects that I submitted. It's my Photobucket album, so there's 2 pages of entries. The ones that an asterisk (*) in the title have additional info included when you click on the picture. And if you're not familiar with Photobucket, if you click on the picture after that, you will get a close up view (I think?) Reminisce Entry

So, does everyone have their New Year's Resolutions made or do you not make any at all? I don't really do any, because I know that I won't keep it or it makes it harder for me to maintain it, psychologically.

Last night, Alan & went to eat at the Plymouth Country Club. We were given a certificate for a free dinner for two and we had to use it up before the Jan. 1st. The food & drinks were delicious, but it took almost 2 hours from beginning to end and that was with no wait time to be seated & they weren't busy either. I'm not familiar with eating at places like that, but is that how they do it? We felt like we wasted quite a bit of the evening having dinner. I also decided to try Halibut & found out that it's delicious & I would definitely order it again! I love seafood & about the only thing that I don't think I would eat seafood wise would be raw oysters. I just don't think I could do it.

Well, I have to make a pasta salad for the New Year's party we're going to tonight, so I guess I best be getting off here & start whipping it up so it can have enough time to chill.

God Bless & have a great day & hopefully a fantastic New Year!


Kelly C. said...

Beth, Brag, Baby Brag!
Be proud of your ebtries and Honorable Mention is AWESOME!
Keep on trying....I see a Reminisce Designer Title in your near future.
{{{BIG HUG}}}

Andrea Amu said...

Oooh , Beth!! Congrats on being an Honorable Mention for Reminisce!! That's fab news! :) I just looked at your pix... really great job!

I don't do the resolutions thing either... but I do have some goals in mind. The first is to get organized around this house! saying good-bye to the mess, lol!

Have a great year!

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