Dec 20, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!!

I don't think I'm the only one running around like a chicken with my head cut off right now, but it doesn't help me get everything done that I wanted to get done! I had planned on having my Christmas cards sent out by now, but they're not even done. First, I wanted the Bazzill Bling cardstock in Diamond (white), but it has been on back order since early Oct & no one has it or can get it - not even online where I have checked. So I had the next best thing & that was 2 sheets of the Glass Slipper, which is an ivory color. Do you know that my Cricut E machine screwed up BOTH sheets!!! ARGH!!! Since the paper is a thicker & softer kind of card stock, the Cricut doesn't cut as cleanly. So, I put in a brand new blade, set my settings so they didn't cut all the way through & I just figured I'd do it in multiple cuts. I have never had this problem before, but when it's done cutting the first time around, I hit Page Load to start over. The 2nd time, it moved over just a bit so that I had double cuts, but didn't realize it until I came back after the entire thing had been done. So now I have to go to the LSS that is a half hour away & get the Glass Slipper paper that they have & try this again so my cards can hopefully get out in the mail before the end of day on Monday. I have had these cards all planned out & ready except for the this last part since Sept. & yet, here I am, less than a week before Christmas & I'm still working on them. Why can't anyone get Diamond from Bazzill since Oct? They even have ads in all the scrap magazines right now for THAT color of paper! I guess I could use white cardstock & just use Glimmer Mist on it, but I just don't feel like adding that to the equation too.

I also still have more baking to do. Some of it is made, just waiting in the freezer to be thawed, baked & decorated. The rest is waiting to be made yet. I don't know what I'll put it in though, I've run out of containers already!

I'm just tired already, but we had a really fun day today. We got enough pretty snow yesterday to make it really feel like Christmas now. On our way back home from Valparaiso, we had a fun little "make it up as you go" sing-a-long to the tune of Jingle Bells. Well, it was mostly just my husband, Alan & our daughter, Brooke. Most of her stuff didn't really rhyme, but she came up with a few good ones that had us rolling with laughter! I love it when we're making memories (insert heart warming sigh here).

I have managed to get Teacher's Gifts, Bus Driver's gifts, some cards & a special order craft project completed this week, oh & I can't forget the 25 paper stockings that I cut & sewed together for my daughter's Kindergarten class craft project. I'm not sure what I was thinking there, but the kids loved it, even if they have to wait until they come back from Christmas break to take it home because it wasn't dry. The kids got a little heavy on the glitter can only imagine. (insert rolling eyes now).

Below is a Jif Peanut Butter jar that I altered to add Chex Party Mix in for my daughter's bus driver. It was thrown together so fast, I couldn't believe how cute it turned out. I made another one for the girl that ordered a word sign from me, since she was being so patient waiting for me to get it done.

Well, if I don't get back on here before Christmas, may you all have a wonderful, safe & happy Christmas!!

God Bless & have a wonderful day!


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*charygirl said...

Happy Happy Christmas Beth!

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