Nov 28, 2009


Well how many of you ate too much food on Thanksgiving? I know I did! Too much good food & a wonderful time spent with family. This might be one of the last holidays that I'll get to spend with my grandma, as she's planning on moving to Tennessee. I really wish she wouldn't, but she had made up her mind.

I took my son to the early morning shopping at Walmart in hopes of getting him a laptop, but as my typical luck would have it, we came up short by 2. We could have made it, but we didn't know where they were lining up for the laptops & walked by the line twice! By the time we found out where they were, we were too late, but we weren't giving up our spot, since we were so close. I did not leave there without a couple of good deals though. I managed to pick up the Cricut From the Kitchen cartridge I wanted. I know I could have gotten it cheaper at Michael's, but not after I spent the gas to get there & back. I had forgotten to bring my Michael's ad with me to do a price match at Walmart, but that was not that big of a deal & I was good with that. It was only a $2 savings I think. I also picked up a few pairs of pajamas for Brooke that was $3 & a pair of fleece pj's for me for $7. I should have picked up more for myself, but some women were blocking every side of the display & they weren't even looking at the stuff, they were just talking to each other & laughing. I really think that some people do that stuff just to be rude on purpose. I had to reach over the one woman's cart just to get the pair I got.

Then, DH & I made the 1 hour drive to the Lowes in Merrillville because we had seen they had some hard wood flooring on clearance the other day. We would have gotten it then, but we didn't know how much we needed. We should have just bought it all & returned what we didn't need. But nooooo, we go back & they still have the display that shows it's on clearance for $1.17/sq. ft. but there's none left in stock. They look on their computer & see that there's still some at the store in Portage & they have them hold it for us. I tried to get the lady to see if they had it on clearance too, but she didn't ask. So, we drive another 30 minutes to Portage & they have it on hold for us. There is none on display & they tell us that it's not clearanced, but it's not in regular stock status either. We try to get them to honor the clearance price, but they want to call the Merrillville store where we came from. Someone at the Merrillville store tells them that it's the regular price & they have none in stock. WHAT???? I was NOT happy about how that was all handled & needless to say, my husband ripped the paper, with our name, off the box & we left the cart full sitting there at the CS counter for them to deal with. I told the lady at the CS desk that I wished I would have taken a picture of the display with the REAL price to show them who was telling the truth. I'd like to take one of their stupid surveys now but since we didn't make a purchase, I didn't get one. Maybe I was just tired from getting up at 3 am, but even after getting a good night's sleep, I still think it was wrong. I guess I should look at it as they just saved us over $200 to go spend somewhere else!

I wonder how many people had some Black Friday bad luck stories? That's usually why I don't go out on BF, I'm not that lucky. I waste of a lot time & sleep for disappointment. I hardly think that's what Christmas is all about, don't you?

I'm really not that disgruntled about the day, but it feels good just to sit & complain about it, ya know? LOL!!

God Bless & hope you have a safe & happy day!


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