Sep 8, 2009

What a week!!!

All I have to say is that I'm glad last week is over, but I don't think we're done yet. Ugh!

With the funeral for my aunt on Wed & all that goes with preparing for that. Next, hearing that my local scrapbook store, that I'm a designer for, will be closing by the end of the year was quite heartbreaking! I love that place & won't know how to deal with driving the distances I will have to go to get to the only other 2 that are left in the area. It makes me angry that oil companies & the stock market have created this economy & the oil companies are getting off free & clear. But, that's a whole other temper tantrum there.....

Then, to top off the end to an already bad week, we spent Sat. evening/morning in the Emergency room at the hospital in South Bend with our daughter, Brooke. She had an apparent allergic reaction to the antibiotics that she had taken earlier in the week. She woke up with what looked like flea bites or small spider bites in several different locations on her body & they itched. I found no culprit, but threw her pj's, sheets & blankets in the washer, just in case, and gave her a bath. As the day progressed, they got worse & I gave her some Benedryl. It helped with the itching & swelling, but she still had the red patches. I noticed her knees looking a bit larger too. We took her to the urgent care center first & the Dr. didn't know what was wrong, because Brooke wasn't responding to the treatment & a strep test came back negative. She told us not to wait to take her to the hospital & called the emergency room for us. If you can just imagine all the terrible things going through your mind at this point, you're thinking the worst & saying prayers, trying NOT to cry!!

Fortunately, all the tests came back with her being healthy & her symptoms were textbook for having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic she had finished earlier in the week. I found some information about this online, but when you're daughter has a rash that is spreading like wildfire over her entire body & her joints look huge & she can't walk on her own & barely gets herself out of the fetal position, you get worried & fast! We only became really concerned when the urgent care Dr. treated her for anaphylaxis shock & she didn't respond at all.

Today, she's home because she had an upset stomach this morning, so I'm afraid to give her another dose of medicine & yet I don't want her to be at school & start breaking out again. She's NOT happy about missing school, but now she's running a slight fever too. I hate disappointing her like that, but I have to do what I feel I have to do. We might be looking at canceling our Disney plans with all these medical bills coming in like they are. What can you do?

On a much brighter note, we went to watch the fireworks at the Blueberry Festival on Sunday evening & they were spectacular!! They have some that are so loud, they make the earth shake! I could do without those, as I worry about Brooke's little ears. I had her cover them with her hands, but you never know when the big booms are going to happen & her arms get tired after a little while. I never remember to take ear plugs or anything like that.

We also went on our first helicopter ride! That was really cool! Here is an view of the Blueberry Festival from the helicopter.

The pilot was even nice enough to fly over our house! That was pretty cool & Brooke could see her school too. Since you could only have 2 passengers on at a time, so Brooke rode with Dad & then again with me & her 2nd ride was free. That was cool too!

Well this was kind of long & maybe even a bit boring too, but I just wanted to share the roller coaster ride we had this past week.

God Bless & have a great day!



Andrea Amu said...

I guess I'd be ready to get that week over with too! So sorry about your aunt's passing! Never easy letting go, I know!

Soory to hear of Brooke's problems too, but at least it was "just" an alergic reaction and nothing worse!

I bet that helicopter ride was fun!

Stampin' Meg said...

Oh man what a week ,Beth!
Here's hoping that this next one is MUCH better!!!

.charity. said...

You hang in there Beth!

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