Sep 28, 2009

Did ya hear?

I can't believe I missed out on this for 3 weeks already. Cricut is giving away the Winter Woodland cartridge for 5 weeks in celebration of it being their 100th cartridge!! How cool is that of them?? They're finishing up week 4 now, so there's only one week left if you don't make it for week 4. All you have to do is post a reply on their message board for the appropriate week. Then, you have a second chance by posting the contest in your blog, like I'm doing here, right now, with this link: It's as simple as that, it's the winning that's the hard part. LOL!

If you're not participating, can you keep your fingers crossed for me then?


CelticWoman said...

my fingers are crossed for you and when you get it you will be so excited it is one great cartridge. Hugs

.charity. said...

Double crossed for good luck!!

Jen Martakis said...

Hey Beth! It was so nice to hear from you on my blog. :)

I am so sad to hear about TMZ. :(

I hope to keep in touch with you ladies!

Andrea Amu said...

Did you win the cart.? I've had it for a few weeks now, and just used the alphabet that's on it this week... I love that alpha!

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