Aug 19, 2009

Bittersweet moment

That's how this morning was as I took my youngest child, Brooke, to start her first day of Kindergarten. Going there with her, taking the pictures & helping her get settled in was nothing for me to get emotional about. But as I sit here now, home alone, no TV on, no toys making any sounds, with just the quiet & me together, that kind of empty feeling, like I just lost my best friend & full time companion. Her & I have been together 24/7 for most of the days that she's been on this earth. I was looking forward to peace & quiet & the opportunity to do what ever I wanted, clean what needed to be cleaned & have it STAY that way. Now I wonder if I'll have the motivation to do all the things I planned on doing with my time. I should, there's nothing standing in my way now, except for being home when the bus gets here. It may take me a few days to adjust to this change though, but I will.

Here she is in her blue Tu-tu dress as she calls it, in front of her school. It's a really new building, since this is only the 2nd yr. that it's been open. We already dropped off her pink Princess back pack on Monday when she got to meet her teacher, Mrs. Parsons. They must do that so there's less problems with them on the first day. She was so excited to go this morning, but once she was in the classroom, she was pretty quiet. She didn't know any of the other children there & her best friend hadn't arrived yet, so she just seemed to be taking it all in. Her class has an even number of boys & girls, so they were seated boy-girl, boy-girl at their tables.

I'm excited to go pick her up & hear all about how her first day was. Tomorrow she will ride the bus, since that's what she insisted on doing. It wouldn't bother me so much, except that she has to take her bus to the high school in town, grab another bus just to take her to her school that is practically in our back yard.

My 16 yr. old son, Jordan started at his school on Monday. He's a Junior this year & he's happy to be driving himself finally. I just hope he can stay alert enough in the morning to drive safely. Then there's those mornings with fog, snow & ice that will bother me when those day are here. He's not the most observant person & seems to spend too much time in his own little dream world. I'm not over paranoid, I just know my kid. My husband on the other hand always thinks the worst will happen & it never does - but we won't start on that topic.

Well, I think I will go look at some scrap magazines, clean a bathroom or two & do a little surfing on the web! Hmmmm....I might be getting over my empty nest feeling a little! ;)

God Bless & have a great day!


.charity. said...

You know the empty nest won't be empty for that eventually lets out for the day ;)
Before you know it you will wonder where the time went because you didn't finish what you were doing! I sooooo have that problem;)

Congrats on your new found freedom!

Sheryl said...

She looks precious in that dress, Beth. I hope she is enjoying it - the empty time will soon get filled, make sure you fill some of it with the boring stuff so you can enjoy things together when she gets home.

Andrea Amu said...

How sweet! She looks so excited!
I'm sure it's harder than anything letting them grow up!

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