Nov 17, 2008

Starting to feel

the crunch time of the holidays starting to kick in for me. I really should be working on my gifts & cards that I want to make, instead of sitting here, looking at all the awesome inspiration I keep finding. I need to at least make some lists so I don't forget anything or anyone, for that matter!

There was kind of a big deal here at our house yesterday. It was my son's last driver's training class AND he also had to take his actual driving test afterwards. Now all he has to do is go in on the 18th to take the written exam & I'll officially be the parent of a licensed driver! OMGosh!! Look out everyone! Seriously, he's pretty good, just needs to get more driving time in, which he only gets when he comes here on the weekends. His dad & step mother won't take him out driving, even though they are out in the middle of BFE & the only thing he might run into is a combine & even they seem to be done picking in that area. He has a car that he doesn't like as much as he wishes he did. It's not a bad car I guess. It's a Grand Am, but he just doesn't care for the color - would have been nice IF he could have had more of a say in the car he got, since he IS paying for half of it himself. They even told him he could put if up for sale if he didn't like it, but they've convinced him to keep it anyway. Long story, but I'm not sure why a GUY would think another GUY would like a purple car, do you? Oh well, I guess we'll get pictures & it will be something worth scrapping & he can look back 10 years from now & ask, "What were they thinking?" LOL!!!

I'm kinda slow about posting my work on here once I get it back from the Memory Zone Scrapbook Store, but better late than never, eh? Here's some stuff I just got back a week ago.

This is a picture frame I did as one of my projects at the beginning of the year for the design team. I'm posting it on here, even though it's still in the store on display, but it's been several months since it was first turned in & I don't even think they have these things available anymore.

This is a card I made after I first got my Cricut. I used the George cartridge on the sillouette setting for the flower & cut one out of a Hambly transparency. I thought it looked pretty cool with the vinyl rub-ons!

These are some Disney projects I made using the ever growing line from Reminisce. I added some memorabilia from our room at the All Star Movies resort to the layout. I tell ya, being a part of this design team has really made me get some things accomplished that have been a long time coming. I'm no where near where I should be (are any of us?) but I'm much further ahead than I would have been without it.

This is a trick or treat bowl I made also using the Reminisce line of Halloween papers. I know Halloween is over, but I sure won't remember to post this a year from now, that's for sure!

I guess I'll go try to clean my scrap room some more. Rebecca from the Memory Zone message board has a fun challenge (& a RAK) for the messiest scraproom. Mine is really a train wreck, or as I affectionately call it, my scrapper's landfill. I'm serious, it looks like I just backed up the truck & let her dump! How embarrasing to post it & I know my hubby would have a heart attack if he knew I posted a pic of it on the web. I have been working on rearranging it, but that seems to have created an even bigger mess than I started with, if you can even imagine that! Actually, it is a bit better than what you see here, but I still have to hop over piles of papers & such to get to my table, but the table that has the Hello Kitty circle pail is almost all cleaned off, so I do have a spot to work now, it's just not the table I usually work at.

Well, I certainly hope today's entry appears half-way decent, because I gotta tell ya, it looks pretty horked up in the composition view & even more so in the Preview. I wish Blogger would do something a little more user friendly with their program. I seem to waste a lot time tweaking, or is it just me?

Well, gonna go check out some other blogs. Oh my! I almost forgot!! My dear friend Rose gave me a Blog Friend Award last week. I'll have to follow up on that later this week. Thank you Rose & sorry for not following up with that.
God Bless & take care!


Sheryl said...

Who has time to tidy up? Time is much better spent scrapping, Beth!

.charity.sorrells said...

I agree with Sheryl! And i'm sure mine looks worse than worries there!

Vicki said...

Beautiful projects, Beth! And, your room is not a mess, you are just flexible!!

Jen Martakis said...

I'm a momma to a driving teen too. Scary huh? Just in time for winter. EEK!!

Love your projects, the frame is just so pretty.

I am with you on the blogger thing. I always have to tweak the spacing between photos and paragraphs. It drives me batty. lol

Kelly C. said...

Love your new look!
Great blog, Beth! Love all the pix!

rose said...

oh beth ROFL!! what mess I don`t see any!! I have only time for croppin and no moping!!
Great pieces of work ,and purple car! yikes,I know it will be scrapped beautiful though seeing you like purples! But hey hes doing so well with his driving,bet you he sells it !
Oh and yes my pieces of creativity will be right up your street,hope to load 2/morrow

Fink said...

I am glad your scrappy room looks like mine! Love the Disney layout! Cute stuff!

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