Nov 3, 2008

Playing along

OK, so I'm reading Kristy Lee's blog about how her sister-in-law Photo tagged her. This is a new "tagging" game to me, but I might just play along, since she was taggin anyone who wanted to play along.

I guess the rule of the game is your supposed to use the 4th picture from your 4th file, but my 4th file only had one photo in it, so this is actually the 4th photo from my 5th file. LOL! It's the left side of a 2 page scrapbook spread of my Brooke's 1 st birthday. To think, we just celebrated her 5th birthday on the 23rd of October!

She was such a quiet & mild mannered baby. She's not quite the same, but she does still get overly emotional about some things. For instance, in the far left photo is me holding her so she can swing at the ghost pinata, but she did not like that & cried like she was watching a murder every time one of the other bigger kids would hit it. I had to take her in the house until was finally broken open.

Now, on to some exciting news - at least for myself. Remember in my previous post about how I was mad at myself because I had the opportunity to be published in the Scrap N' Art ezine, but thought I screwed it up by forgetting to give the "acceptance" reply? Well, either they over looked that or something, but it was published in their Nov/Dec issue after all! You can get your FREE issue by signing up here & then clicking on the "download! button from the menu bar at the top. My work is on page 19.
I'm going to have to get DD's picture of her in her Halloween costume downloaded from my camera soon. I'm really bad about doing all that stuff in a timely fashion, but it does eventually get done. When I do, I'll post it here. Maybe after this week when, hopefully, things slow down to a more normal pace.
So, on that note, I think I'll bid you a good evening & get back to trying to clean my scrap room. *snort!!* I laugh because it's a lost cause.
God bless & good night!


Sheryl said...

Cleaning the scrap room - now there's an idea! I sometimes try to tidy a bit, but then I get distracted by something I'm supposed to be tidying away. Glad your publication happened after all! I'll go and download my copy now.

Vicki said...

Checking out all of your recents pubs! WTG, Beth! Congrats to you!!

Kelly C. said...

Wahoo! To YOU, Beth!
That's what now...3 or 4 published LO or projects for you? You are on your way to fame!
Whoop! Whoop!

Fink said...

Glad that forgetting did not hurt anything! Congrats! Love the purple in the layout!

rose said...

oh great layout,how time fly`s!
I have something on my blog for you!! go collect it!

Rebecca S. said...

Big congrats...Love that cute.

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