Oct 6, 2008

Reminisce Announcement

I read the Reminisce blog this morning to see who won the spot on their DT & the other runner-up winners. I thought that was pretty cool that they gave us an actual date for the announement, BUT - they're having some fun & still making us wait in their own way (little stinkers).

They've included an additional Runner-up spot & I think that's very cool of them to do. They even had a tie for the 4th runner up & lots of Honorable Mentions, another cool thing to do. However, they're only going to announce one Runner-up spot each day until they get to Friday for the HUGE announcement. It was killing us to have to wait until Monday & now we have to keep waiting (unless we're one of the runner-up winners). I know they just love to torment us, but I'm sure they have to keep building the interest.

I thought that maybe they'd send the winner an email ahead of time, just prior to the announcement, but now I'm thinking that just might not be the case. What's a girl to do, but sit & wait each day (fingers drumming, drumming, drumming...)

There are 6 of us Design Team girlz from The Memory Zone that submitted to this call & I'm wishing each of us buckets of luck, but none of us were mentioned in the 4th Runner-up spot, so that leaves 4 spots left to win.

Well, now on to a subject that has been kinda consuming a lot of our time here. My garden shed that my DH is building for me. It's coming along very nicely, if I do say so myself. My hot hubby is so handy I just can't believe what he can do & I'm so glad he's all mine! We found some really old double barn doors, thanks to a friend of mine giving me the lead. And wouldn'tcha know, at this same place, I found THE door of all doors that I was looking for, as well! I was tickled & the barn doors were only $10 & he threw in an extra one & the dream door was only $20 & the windows were still perfectly in tact too. DH had to cut down one of the barn doors to fit the shed opening & it's perfect.

Next, I had to pick paint. Easier said than done apparently. I know the color I want, finding a sample is another story. I thought I found it at Lowes & for $26 I basically got an expensive turquoise primer. hmmm...... Way too bright for what I had in mind. I don't want my shed to look like a dollhouse. So, while I was at my Design Team meeting at the Memory Zone last night, I found a piece of colored cardstock that was close to what I wanted, but just a little darker. So, I take my cute colored piece of cardstock with me to Walmart today & get it matched & she adds a little bit of white to it, but not quite enough and she can't add anymore or the can will be too full. OK, it's better than turquoise & I might even be able to add more white to it here or even try mixing it with the turquoise for a look I might like. We'll see.


Kristy said...

LOL! Okay, seriously don't know how your card slipped by me. Sorry! Well you are ;my lucky winner!

I think I need your address again, so if you don't mind PMing it to me that would be perfect!

I'm just so sad I don't have any of the new embellies for the halloween line yet. Dang it. The papers are way fun though. I'll get them out sometime this week!



Kelly C. said...

Congrats Girl! Now, what did you win? Oh, do share! You blog is looking fabulous! Great new changes, really like the country music choices, yee-haw! This Reminisce thing sure is a tough one! I can't believe they're dragging it out after posting that the choice would be announced today! UGH!

charity.sorrells said...

Oooooow! You found a template for your blog! Looking good sista! Keep it up....and wow. That color sounds DEEEE-lish! Can't wait to see you scrap some painting fotos.

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