Oct 1, 2008

Reminisce Design Team update...

My chances aren't looking so good now. I've went back & checked out many of the last minute submissions for the Reminisce Design Team member search & I am NOT getting my hopes up now. Some of them created amazing projects & even new ones specifically for the call, mini books too! I created a few little things that were new, but nothing major like that. My hopes is that Reminisce will see that I've been a pretty committed fan of their product for quite a long time & created MANY projects using mostly THEIR product all along & not just to get on a design team.

I was feeling a little hopeful before, but I think I'll just try to think of a way to say congrats to the winner & wish them lots of fun in their new endeavor for the next year & maybe try to work on some stuff for when they have another call!

Another "somewhat" disappointing note to add: It looks like I no longer have my one night of cleaning work to earn a little bit of spending cash anymore. My friend, who has a cleaning service decided that the company that I clean for is not financially sound enough to keep on as a client & they couldn't work out a suitable agreement for payment, so she withdrew her (our) services. Not that I will miss having to clean nasty men's factory bathrooms & break areas & all the little cubicles that had full cups of coffee & pop cans in the trash cans, not to mention that I was expected to spring clean those babies every week. NO! I won't miss that one bit! Then to have them call my employer to accuse me of something that I didn't do (more than once). I won't miss being the scape goat for THEIR blunders & I wasn't anyway. At least now I don't have to defend myself. The only thing I will miss is the small amount I got paid to put up with all that. I'm not heart broken, or even really disappointed by any stretch of the imagination. Iwill miss the scrapping money tho. *sniff-sniff*

Of a different note now. I have to apologize for how UGLY my blog looks! I don't like it, but oOne of these days, I won't be so blog illiterate & I'll figure out how to make my blog more pleasing to look at. I was trying to change my background, but I kept getting an error message in doing so. I HATE that! I don't have the patience or the time for codes to not work when they're supposed to be simple. I do want to work on making a prettier header for my blog though. This one isn't as pleasing as I once thought it was. What was I thinking????

Well, my blogging tends to ebb & tide in frequency. Apparently, it's at high tide right now! LOL!!

Have a good one friends & I'll keep you posted on the Reminisce news as soon as I find out.

God Bless & keep you well!
Beth M.


charity.sorrells said...

Hang in there Beth!

Rebecca S. said...

It will be better in time.

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