Oct 8, 2008


Have you ever made Flan? I hadn't, until last night. Not something I ever thought about making really. Why did I make flan, you might be asking yourself? (or maybe not)

Well, here's how the story goes...I pick up DS from school yesterday & he asks me if I have any authentic Mexican recipes, but it can't be tacos. Ummmm...I'm about as far from being Mexican/Spanish as they come with my pasty white (except for the freckles) Scottish/Irish heritage skin. So, the answer would be No, I have no authentic Mexican recipes. Why do you ask? He proceeds to tell me that he has a Spanish class assignment where they have to prepare an authentic Spanish/Mexican dish, take a picture of it, bring in the recipe & write a report on how they liked it. It's due this Friday & his dad & step-mom wouldn't be dependable enough to help him properly. Don't even ask me why he wants to live there...anywho- so I check online to see what's "authentic" that I can make & I have all the ings. on hand. Doesn't look like it will be a main dish with all those peppers & spices! Maybe Mexican Wedding Cakes? Possibly, but wait! Here's a simple recipe for Flan. I think we can do this! Well, never let an almost 16 yr. old boy stir melted sugar until it's golden brown, you'll get scorched dk. brown hard rock candy! My first mistake was not having the custard mix already prepared & leaving him to handle stirring the sugar while I mixed the custard portion. Nor did I expect the sugar to start melting down so fast! Anyway, the flan turned out pretty good, as long as you don't eat the burnt caramel. It looked pretty though & that's what we needed for a good picture.

Not all the brown you see is the burnt caramel. I placed the dessert on a brown drip plate, the caramel is actually just a small portion around the custard.

I might consider making it again, but it doesn't sound like something the rest of the family is raving about. I might just need to make it again without burning the caramel, just so I can redeem myself. Or, maybe I should let sleeping dogs lie & know that this will be one less dish I will be requested to make! I think I like the 2nd option better ;)

I have lots of things to do to get ready for our camping trip to the Covered Bridge Festival in southwestern Indiana, so that's it for today.

Oh, and so far nothing for any of us Memory Zone girlz on the Reminisce Design team....

God Bless & have a great day!



Jen said...

Well, your flan looks wonderful, I've never had it before. ;)

Oh, and I am a "groupie" now too. :)

charity.sorrells said...

Flan looks yummy!

Sheryl said...

Looks good, Beth. How nice to know you are the dependable one!

Kelly C. said...

Flan from scratch! Wow,I am IMPRESSED, Senorita...that's soemthing to be proud of! (BTW, I believe you can purchase flan by the box mix with the jello section...if you need it again anytine soon LOL)

And just for the record, YOU could still be in the running for the Grand Prize position w/Reminisce. You already know they loved your recipe box...tomorrow we'll know for sure!

rose said...

oh this looks yummy Beth,love the new design of the blog,Keeping fingers crossed still for you

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