Oct 14, 2008

Fall is here!

Is it starting to get beautiful in the trees, or what? We went to the Covered Bridge Festival over the weekend & camped at Raccoon State Reserve Area. We like this park simply for the fact that we can camp primitive (in our campers - *snort*) for cheap! We don't spend any time there really, other than cooking & sleeping, so we don't need other amenities to entertain us in the campground. Even down in the Rockville area, the trees were turning beautiful colors & we seen a few little scenic spots. I didn't get any pictures of them tho. I know, my bad. And I call myself a scrapper.

There were lots of flea markets & yard sales all along the routes between the towns where the festivals were at. We like to stop at theses sales instead of all the hubbub in town. I found some Rusty Pickle scrapbook paper that I hadn't seen or had for 25 cents a sheet. I was trying to save back some of my money for a vintage door knob to put on my vintage door to put on my garden shed (that Alan & Beth built). I only purchased 4 sheets of that & 4 sheets of some Holiday Basic Grey paper that I already have, but are some of my favorite ones. I was going to go back later after not finding my doorknob, but they were closed already. I guess I didn't need anymore than I already had.

We were going to stay until Monday, the 13th, but had to cut the trip a day short because just the week prior, DD's preschool decided they would take their Pumpkin Patch field trip on that day. Needless to say, we paid for that day, but didn't get to use it. Then, DD gets a nasty head cold on the day we left too. We get home kind of late & we're tired after the 4 hour drive, so we pretty much just head straight to bed. I had to get up early so I could get my shower, because I'm also supposed to help be in charge of this field trip, due to a death of a family member of one of the preschool teachers. Then I'm getting DD ready & we start to work on brushing her teeth, but she has 2 loose teeth on the bottom front. Well, guess what? One came out, so looks like the tooth fairy is going to be making a pit stop at our house tonight, but she can't find the tooth! She leaves the fundage anyway, because she can't sleep at 3:00 a.m., & hopes to retrieve the little gem later after the princess child awakes. She SCORES! She takes her precious gem & flutters outta here before she can have a chance to get spotted by the over-attentive tot! Whew! That was a close one. BUT! She will probably have to do this again in just a few days, because there is another precious gem just waiting to break free and be carried away in a cloud of pixie dust.

OK, enough from Never Never Land. Hope that was enough information about MY exciting life to last you until I find more pixie dust to vacuum up!

God Bless & take care!

Beth M.


charity.sorrells said...

the covered bridge festival always sounds like a fun thing to do. Good thing the tooth fairy is a sly one, huh?! ;)

Jen said...

Gotta love the tooth fairy!! Next time you go camping you most definitely need to take some pics. Shame on you! lol :)

Kelly C. said...

What...? No pictures! Beth, Beth, Beth {{{shaking my finger at you}}} Glad to hear you had a good safe trip, though! There's always next year!
Adventures with the tooth fairy...how I miss that! Have fun with it!

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