Jul 25, 2008

More CHA...

For those of you who are not yet over all the info that's been put out there for this summer's CHA event in chicago, then here's some more!

Although I still have some pictures to share, I could have swore that I took more than I have on my camera. I don't think I deleted them, as I've learned my lesson on that fiasco before, so I'm not sure what happened to them!
So, I'll share with you what I have. Here is the only "celebrity" shot I got during the whole day there. It wasn't that I didn't see many others, I'm just a little chicken when it comes to approaching these people, because I just admire their talent & inspiration so much. Tim Holtz's demonstration at the Ranger Ink table was packed, to say the least!

I tried to get this picture posted before, but Blogger wasn't taking it.

Cricut is a true hottie right now & he sure knows it! Oh Baby! I will be more than happy to take whatever he is dishing out & I know every other woman there was in a true estrogen frenzy over his latest work! LOL
The designs they demonstrated for Hello Kitty, Cars & Sesame Street were way too cute! They had free make & takes on Sat. with something from each of these lines. I made a darling round purse tin with the Hello Kitty stuff & Jenny (another DT member) made one of each! And they're coming out with book laminator that looks kind of interesting, but not sure how hot the market will be for something like that. It would be cute for making your own coloring books, but you have to buy special glue & special sized paper if you want to make a standard size coloring book. Not too sure how cost effective it will be, but I guess we'll know more once they release the price of all the goodies to the public. Jenny had her Elmo make & take made into one of the bound coloring books. You could make smaller ones with regular sized paper too, which would be very cute to make birthday party favors for kids. You could even make it into an activity for them as they could make their own designs & the parent could laminate it for them into their own book! I better shut up before I talk myself into REALLY wanting one after all! LOL!

Here is a girl's room they did up using the Hello Kitty cartridge. They also did up a little girl's birthday party with all the trimmings & favors too! They even put an image on the birthday cake itself! Cute, but definitely NOT edible!

I would consider this cartridge for myself because my 4 yr. old daughter's bedroom has red carpet & it's kind of a challenge finding little girl themes that go with red. Not to mention that she loves Hello Kitty. I'd probably be spending more time cutting stuff out for her to do something with than I would for myself. I guess if it keeps her busy creating, then it would be worth it.

They had a darling boy's room done with the Disney Cars theme, & I gotta tell you, if my son was little again, this would be THE cartridge to have - especially if you have the Expression!!

I don't think Sesame Street really needs any hype, it just speaks for itself! I mean, who doesn't love Elmo or the Cookie Monster? I do, and I'm a grown up!
Even Elmo was there in the big celebration & I got a picture of him here (sorry that it's a little blurry too). I also got a picture of myself with Elmo, but that was taken by Jenny on her camera. I'm sure my daughter will love to see that one when I get it.
Well, I think that's all I have for today, I need to work on some more photos for later, but you may be seeing stuff arriving at your favorite scrapbook store very soon! It may get THERE before I post a photo of it HERE! Funny, but true.
Have a good weekend & enjoy your family!
Beth M.

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rose said...

oh look at Tim,awesome guy very talented and oh could spend a day or week or month with him lol!! talented and handsome or what !! yikes girl why did you not get a photo with him. I would have crawled underneath to get to the front ROFL!!
Oh dont encourage me with this new Cricut stuff I still have a few carts I have only cut to see and not used uhm!

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